"Mama Kokumo, don't cry. God will give you another child. But this time we have to put facial marks on the dead child (abiku/ogbanje), so we can recognise it if it ever comes back. Also we have to make sacrifices to appease the gods”.

Several strange things occur in the world which human beings cannot explain with their limited knowledge. For example among African societies, Abiku or Ogbanje is a child that keeps coming to the world and going back repeatedly to torment the family and reincarnation (a dead person coming back to live another full life) are two beliefs that has developed out of strange occurrences for which traditional knowledge could not find proper explanation.

All these beliefs have one similarity that is when one dies you can come back to this present world in another form. This contradicts the teachings of Islam, which is that there is only one life, one death and one resurrection. Thus a Muslim should not believe in any of them. The Qur'an reads:

"It is Allah who gives life, then gives you death; (then He will gather you on the Day of Judgement about which there is no doubt ... " (Q45:26).

Allah has created different kinds of beings both seen and unseen. Among the unseen beings are the evil jinns, who are servants of Shaytan. Their goal is to confuse and create doubts in human minds and lead them astray. To fulfil his promise one of the tools of Shaytan is to take the form of the dead to create confusion.

The Prophet (PBUH) is the only being Shaytan cannot assume his form, for he said:

"He who sees me in his dream is as if he had seen me in his conscious state,for Shaytan cannot assume my likeness" (Bukhari).

When a mother gives birth to a dead child (ogbanje) or a person claims to see a dead person again living in another area, it is one of the children of Shaytan among the jinns who has taken the false likeness of that dead person. If the reality of these beliefs becomes established in someone's mind, the belief of the Hereafter continues to diminish in him and Shaytan would have achieved his purpose. Be aware and do not fall into the tricks of Shaytan.


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