Fruits of Knowing and Understanding Allah's Names and Attributes

Each and every Name of Allaah has a particular impact on the heart and character of the servant. If the heart comprehends the meaning of a specific name, what it embodies, and is conscious of it. It will reply to these meanings and this awareness and understanding will reflect in the person's thinking and mode of behaviour.

Likewise, every attribute has a specific form of worship attached to it, which is the result of the requisites dictated by this particular attribute.



The most beautiful Names of Allaah and His most exalted Attributes therefore yield worship as their effects. This covers all forms of worship that appear on the hearts and limbs. For example, the knowledge of the servant that Allaah alone is able to Harm and Benefit, Give and Withhold, to Create, Sustain, to give Life and cause Death, will produce the worship of Tawakkul in its inner form (i.e. in the heart) and the requisites and fruits of Tawakkul in its apparent form (i.e. upon the limbs).


Modesty & Restraint

The servant's knowledge of Allaah's Hearing, Sight and Knowledge, and of the fact that not a single atom in the heavens and earth escape Him, and that He knows the secret and hidden, what the treacherous eyes behold what the breasts conceal, will make him preserve his tongue, limbs and the notions of his heart from anything that displeases Allaah. He will make these limbs devoted to what Allaah loves and is pleased with. So it yields modesty within him as well as manifesting it outwardly by making him steer clear of the prohibited and repulsive matters.


Humility & Submission

Knowledge of His Richness, Generosity, Kindness. Beneficence. and Mercy will grant the servant a wealth of optimism, and it will give birth to many types of hidden and apparent servitude all in proportion to his understanding and knowledge.

Likewise, the knowledge of the Majesty of Allaah, His Greatness and Might generates for the servant humility, submission and love. These inner conditions in turn produce several apparent forms of servitude.



Similarly. knowledge of His Perfection, Beauty and exalted Attributes will grant him a specific love that becomes represented by many forms of servitude. So all forms of servitude to Him are related back to the dictates of the Names and Attributes and are linked to it. (Miftah Dar as-Sa'adah)

In light of the above, it has become apparent that the servant's knowledge of the Names and Attributes of Allaah in the correct manner, which Allaah has informed about in His Book and in the Sunnah of His Messenger, will certainly make the servant establish servitude to Allaah in the most perfect manner.

Hence the more complete the servant's faith (eeman) in the attributes is the stronger will be his love, sincerity and worship. Additionally, the person who has the greatest servitude is the one who worships Allaah with all the Names and Attributes He has made known to mankind, as every Name of His has associated to it a specific form of worship on the basis of knowledge and understanding' and on the basis of 'state'. 'Knowledge and understanding'. i.e. whoever knows that Allaah is named with this particular Name and understands what Attribute it entails, then believes in it this in itself is worship.



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