Kiddies Talk corner: As-salaah (The prayers)

As Salam alaykum kids, Last edition, Zainab and Abdullah were discussing salaah at the masjid. This month, their conversation continues..

Do not forget that this is only a corner of knowledge exchange for kids and the aim is to teach Islaam in the simplest possible way.

Read on.

"So what next?" Zainab asked? She could not wait any longer. "Are we going to perform the salaah now or is there something more to do?" "Don't be in a hurry Zainab. We should be calm and quiet as we start the salaah." Abdullah said. Then he added: "I can see that you really want to perform the prayer but you will have to be patient. Patience is one of the good things about the Sataah. Before we start the prayer, we must pay attention to our dressing!"

 My dressing! Zainab wondered aloud. "Yes, your dressing," Abdullah continued, you must be properly dressed at all times especially when you are worshipping Allaah during Salaah. "Properly dressed?" repeated Zainab. "What does dressing need to do with prayer?

"Everything!" Replied Abdullah. "When you are standing in prayer you are in front of Allaah, your Creator and Lord. You are asking Him for His favours and blessings. Don't you think you ought to dress properly?" Abdullah inquired.

"It sure makes sense," answered Zainab. "Afterall," she continued, “ We all dress up very well during school inspections just to get a few grades. Allaah is the Almighty, so we should show him more respect than we do to our" teachers in school."

I'm so glad you are catching on, Alhamdulillah, Abdullah said. Then he continued, "The proper dressing for a woman is for her whole body to be covered except the hands and face. For a man he should cover at least from his shoulders to his knees."

"Does that mean I can't perform my salaah in mini-skirts and tight tops? Asked Zainab. "No way!" Abdullah shouted in reply. "But what about trousers?" Zainab asked further.

"Well, yes. But you must wear a long gown over it, so that the shape of your body is well covered. Once you are sure your dressing is okay, then you are ready for the salaah." Abdullah said. Then he continued; "before you start, you must have the intention in your heart that you want to perform that particular rsalaah."

"In my heart?" Zainab asked confused. "Yes! Intention must be made in the heart. No one has mentioned that the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) taught us to make our intention for prayer aloud." Abdullah pointed out.

Oh I see! We do only what the Prophet (peace and blessing be upon him) said or did? Zainab said. "Exactly!" Said Abdullah.

 (To be continued)

Please note: Abdullah and Zainab are not real people. This exchange has been used only to educate Kids. May Allaah correct our affairs and forgive our errors.


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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