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A righteous pilgrimage, O Allah

Every lawful act of a Muslim is worship and every of his worship is attended by prayers and dhikr (remembrance). Journeys of worship present apt occassions to offer several prayers. One of such journeys is the annual Hajj, If you have formed the intention for pilgrimage, prayers are incumbent on you at different points.

SETTING OUT FOR THE JOURNEY: As you set out, call on Allah thus:

" Bismillahi, tawakaltu ala 'llah. La haola wa la quwwata illa bi 'llah. Allahumma inni audhu bika an adllla ao udalla"

(In the name of Allah, I have put my trust in Allah and there is no might nor power but that of 'Allah:O Allah, I seek refuge with you from leading others astray or being led astray! (Bukhari))

ARRIVAL AND ENTRANCE TO MAKKAH: Seek Allah's favour thus:

Allahuma inna hadha al-Harama Haramuk, wal balada baladuka, wal abdu abduka,je'tuka n in biladin ba'idatin bi dhunuubin kathiratin, wa a'malin sayeatin, As'aluka masalata al mudhtarriua ilayka al mushfiqina min adhabika an tastaqbilani bimahdi afwika wa an tudkhilani faseeha. jannatika,jannata anna'imi:" .

(O Allah, this sanctuary is your sanctuary, and this city is your city. The peace here is your peace. The servant I am is your servant. I have come unto you from a distant land, carrying with me to be pardoned a large number of sins and misdeeds. As an afflicted person seeking your assistance, dreading your chastisement, I implore you to acccept from me my sole and simple desire for your forgiveness and for your permission to enter Your vast Garden, the Garden of delight).

AS YOU PERFORM HAJJ RITES: Do not let up in your prayerful devotion:

"Allahumma aj’ alhu Hajjan mabruran, wa sa'yan mashkuran, wa zamban maghfuran, wa 'amalan salihan maqbulan. Ya 'a1ima ma fi'sudoor, akhrijni mina dhulumatiti ila an-nur'. Allahumma lnni as'aluka moojibati rahmatika,  wa  ‘aza’ima maghfiratika, wa stdaamata min kulli ithmin, wal ghaneenuda min kulli birrin, wa al fawza bil Jannati wa najaata mina-nar.

(Allah, make this for me a righteous pilgrimage and an endeavour acceptable unto you and a means of forgiveness of sin, and also an act that is right and fit, and a merchandise that shall not perish. O You who. knows the innermost parts of our hearts. Lead me, O Allah, out of the dark into the light O Allah, l implore You to grant me Your Mercy and Your forgiveness, and to save me from eve,." type of sin. And grant me an opportunity to reap all good and success leading to Paradise and deliverance from Hell.)

AT THE SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF YOUR HAJJ: Give thanks to Allah with more prayers.

"Allahuma la taj' al hadha akhira 'ahdi min adhal mawqifi al adheen warzuqlfee ruju'a  ilayhi marratin kllthiran bi lutjikal 'ameem., Waj'alni muflikhan mustajaba dua'i, faizan bil qabooli warridwan. Wa barikli fii jamee’I umuuri, wa ma arjiu ilayhi min ahlee wa maleeave awl”

(O Allah! make not this Visit my last visit to this grand muster, let me return to this holy place several times by Your immense grace. Make me a person whose invocation has been answered and who has obtained divine acceptance and pleasure (of Allah). Grant me blessing in all my affairs and also in those to whom I shall shortly return - my family, my children and all whom I shall see once more.)


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