Tawakkul [Trust in Allaah]

Tawakkul is one of the attributes that emanates from a true Eemaan (faith) in Allaah and the Hereafter and continual remembrance of both It is an attitude that emanates from the conviction that Allaah has put me in this world temporarily for a test and all of my good and bad circumstances are part of the test. The test is about my performance in given circumstances, not about how good or bad my circumstances are. Regardless of what circumstances I encounter, the test is about how well I exhaust all my efforts in achieving the objective of the Deen Allaah has prescribed for me for His pleasure.
My success depends on the quality (in terms of relevance, wisdom, propriety, tactics, strategy and sincerity) and quantity I put in, not on the material results they appear to produce, regardless of what kind of good or bad circumstances I happen to encounter. Whatever Allaah has commanded us to do and the objectives He wants us to achieve are the best things for us in this world and in the hereafter. My duty is to continue steadfastly on the job A1laah has assigned to me utilizing every tool humanly possible and doing my earnest best, without worrying about the results, but instead leaving the results totally to Allaah.
The real success is attaining the pleasure of Allaah, not the results in this world. Whether my efforts bear any visible result in this world or not, I must continue on my course steadfastly. Whatever hardships, test, trials and sufferings I endure during my servitude to Him are all part of His plan for my ultimate success. Enduring them with contentment without a word of complaint or without being disheartened in any way is a part of my job as His slave that I am doing for His pleasure.
These convictions produce a winning state of mind and a believer feels that because I truly believe in Allaah and am doing what He wants me to do, He is with me, watching me, and accepting my efforts; and He is not going to let my endeavours go in vain, let me fail or leave me unsupported. No one can do anything to me that is not part of His plan for me as His slave.
Regardless of what transpires in this world, the ultimate success is mine, as long as I am truly committed to His work. If I keep the right attitude, come what may, I will be successful.
The Messenger of Allaah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said:
"How wonderful it is for a believer that he always ends up with goodness: If he suffers and remains steadfast, it is rewarding; if good things happen and he thanks Allaah, that is also rewarding." (Muslim)
It is a totally liberating, very empowering state of mind that a true believer attains because of his trust in and reliance on the power, authority, help and support of Allaah and because of the contentment he feels in serving Allaah without being concerned about the results that Allaah provides for his untiring efforts.
This kind of resolute trust in and reliance on Allaah - Tawakkul provides such a tranquility to one's heart, such a courage in one's psyche and such a resilience in one's nature that a believer cannot be scared, pressured into giving up, made to compromise, compelled to give in, bought out of his Islaamic mission, or forced into submission by any enemy, tyrant, power or authority. For those who have Tawakkul, Allaah says:
"Whoever relies on Allaah (has Tawakkul), He is sufficient for him.  (Q65[Talaaq]:3) 
Thus, Tawakkul is a natural corollary of true faith and is one of the evidences (Shahaadah) of faith. A person with true faith will always rely on Allaah I have Tawakkul. Lack of Tawakkul indicates lack of true faith. This was true for previous Ummahs as it is for us:
"The believers are only those who: when Allaah is mentioned, their hearts become fearful; when His verses are recited to them, they increase their faith; and only on their Lord they rely (have Tawakkul). (A1-Anfaal]8:2)
When Musa (alayhi salaam) invited Banee Israaeel to enter Palestine, they refused to do so, being scared of the strength of the enemy. Two of the believers endowed with true faith spoke up and said:
"Enter upon them through the gate, for when you enter it, you will be the dominant. And rely upon Allaah (have Tawakkul), if you are believers." (Q5{Maaidah]:23)
Also: "But no one believed in Moosa except the offspring (youth) of his people, because of the fear of Fir'awn and his establishment that they would persecute them; and indeed, Fir'awn was arrogant in the land and indeed, he was of the transgressors. And Moosa said, "O my people, if you have believed in Allaah, then rely on Him (have Tawakkul in Him), if you are Muslims."
So they said,
"Upon Allaah do we rely (have Tawakkul). Our Lord! Do not make us (object of) trial (persecution) of the unjust/wrongdoers. And save us by Your mercy from the disbelievers." (Q 10[Yunus]:83-85)
As is evident from the verses quoted above as well as those quoted below, Tawakkul is closely related to the untiring struggle that a Muslim undertakes to achieve both the personal and collective goals of Deen Iqaamah of Deen in personal life to achieve personal excellence as a Muslim and in collective life to achieve the establishment and dominance of the Islamic system of peace and justice.
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