It is tough to be a practising Muslim in some parts of Pakistan right now. Every Jumuah, a suicide bomber kills scores of people and maims several more at the masjid. And this happens at the masjid where believers congregate to worship their Lord in line with the Sunah of His Messenger(sallaallaahu alayhi wa salaam).

The suicide bomber would sit with the believers through the sermon and stand with the believers shoulder to shoulder and ankle-to-ankle to make salaah. Yet, just as the salaah concludes and the believers begin to disperse, he detonates his bomb and kills and maims the. very people he had just prayed with! Odd as this may seem to common-sense, it is perfectly justifiable in the. warped'aqeedah [belief] of the al-Qaeedah movement and the extreme amongst the Taliban group.

Defer To People Of Knowledge

It is a great testament to the eeman(faith) of those Muslims that they file out next Jumuah for the prayers again! Yet, file out they do; again and again, week-in, week-out. Just how do you expect such believers to feel when they heard the news that the chief protagonist of this warped 'aqeedahand movement - Usaarnah bin Laadin- had been killed in their very midst?

What would their thought be when they learnt  he had stayed possibly for five years in their very midst –and he did’nt  even turn up at any Of the jummuah  services since then? Or would they be more concerned by the fact that he was killed in hthe stealth of the night by people seen as sworn enemies  of the faith?like in all things, these muslims may have their innate reaction but they will (at list should) defer to the people knowledge amongst them to know what their reaction(s) should be.

So, some of them hastened to shaykh Abdul Muhsin al-Abaad (hafeedaahullah – may Allah preserve him). The 80 years old scholar of hadith who had sired and raised several  scholars in his almost six decades of devotion to the dawah of Allah according to yhe sunnah and manhaj [methodology] of Allah’s messenger. They asked him :’’what is the balance position concerning the killing of Usammah Bin ladin as there were those who were delighted with his killing and those who said that he was a mujaahid and they judged him to have martyrdom?’’The  shaykh responded:”how is he a mujaahid! Yes he is a mujaahid in the path of the devil. Usaamah bin ladin brought a great deal of evil to the muslims and there is no doubt his departure will bring them ease; the people will be more at ease due to his departure.’’

And what about al-Qa’eedah? Shaykh  Abdul Muhsin Al-abbaad was similarly asked:

“some people say day organization (known as) al- Qa’eedah are khawaarji [the seceeder from the jama’ah] and others say that they are mujaahidun (performing jihad) what is the position of your eminence corncerning this?’

And he answered:

”yes they are mujaahidoon (struggling and fighting) in the path of the devil.”  

And this is  similar ot the explanation of shaykh ibn taymiyyah (RAH) who said:

’’However, it is obligatory to differentiate between the legislated   jihaad which Allah and his messenger has commanded and the innovated jihad which is the jihad (waged by ) misguided individual who perform jihad  in obedience to the devil but they believe that they are performing Jihaad in obedience to The Most Merciful(Ar-Rahmaan). This is like the. Jihaadof the people of innovation and desires such as the Khawaarijand other than them who fight against the people of Islam" (Ar-RaddAla al-Akhnaayee)

Sitters & Inciters

Shaykh Abdul Muhsin bin Nasser AI-Ubaykan has said that

"belonging to the so-called AIQaeda organization" is haram (prohibited in Islam). Shaykh AI-Ubaykan said that anyone who belongs to the organization belongs to "a group that has left the people of truth and taken up takfeeri [declaring other Muslims as kuffaar unbelievers) so that their blood becomes lawful and they could be killed] thought" and that any "affiliation to the AIQaaeedah organization is haram".

Finally, Shaykh al-Ubaykan warned:

"The Ahlus-Sunnah WaJama'ah [People of the Sunnah and Consensus] have ruled that one must hear and obey and not come out against the leaders, or create strife, or legitimize the shedding of the blood of Muslims or the protected without any right to do so."

Timely warning for all Muslims; particularly two groups of people - those involved in the so-called Arab Spring and those who hide under the guise of dawa'ah and so called Islamic Re-awakening to instigate and encourage others to disobedience of the rulers and ultimately the shedding of Muslim blood. The latter group parade themselves as eloquent scholars or daa'ee [Islamic Callers], but intruth, they are the Qa'idiyah, the inciters, who sit in one place andthey incite others to go out and rebel against the Muslim ruler or spill the blood of others [whose blood] it is forbidden to spill.

As Imaam Ibn Hajar (RAH) mentioned;

"The Qa'idiyah arethe ones who, literally, just sit in one place and they incite others to go forward and commit acts of tyranny and terror and murder and killing and so [forth]".

May Allaah save this ummah from them is guidance of the Qa'idiyah and the evils of al-Qaaeedah.And Allah knows best!





This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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