Hadeeth Mu'allaq

Such hadeeth are generally considered authentic if the hadeeth is narrated using verbs in the active voice, like rawa (he narrated); qaala (he said); Dhakara (he mentioned).

On the other hand, if they are narrated using the passive voice, like ruwiya. (it is narrated); qeela (it is said); dhukira (it is mentioned). their status is uncertain. Some of them may be saheeh, others may be hasan and yet others da'eef.

However, the weak narration are not excessively weak due to their presence in these books in which the authors sought to compile only authentic hadeeths. It should be noted, however. That those hadeeths narrated in the passive voice due to weakness may have authentic chains which Bukhari did not come across. For example, in the beginning of his chapter concerning Thighs mentioned in the previous edition, Imam Bukhari stated:

"And it has been narrated from Ibn Abbaas, Jarhad and Muhammad ibn Jahsh from the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam):

"The thigh is (from the) private parts."

Anas bn Maalik said: "the Prophet uncovered his thigh. Abu Abdullaah (Bukhari) said:

"Anas hadeeth has a better chain and that of Jarhad is more precautionary in order to escape their contradiction."

The passive voice was used for Jarhad and active for Anas. However, there are four complete narrations of Jarhad's quotation in sunan at-Tirmidhi, one in sunan Abu Dawud, one in sunan Ahmad and two in sunan ad-Daarimi. Mu'allaq narrations in other collections are generally considered da'eef regardless of how they are mentioned by the authors, active or passive voice.


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