QUESTION: What is the ruling of the toy that has appeared in the market, which children and teenagers play with? It consists of model football players arranged in rows on a table. A small ball is introduced and the rows of models are moved by hands. The one who loses pays the cost of the game played to the owner of the game, and more commonly nothing is paid. Is it permissible and that similar to it according.

ANSWER: If the description of the game is as you have mentioned, it consisting of rows of models that are played with and the paying of the loser the cost of renting the game, then it is forbidden for the following reasons: Firstly: Busying ones self with this game of frivolity and it wastes the players time. He loses much of the welfare of his religion and his worldly affairs. This game could become a habit of his and a means that leads to worse, such as the different types of gambling. Everything that is as such is forbidden according to the Shareeah.

Secondly: To produce models and pictures of live beings and possessing them is of the major sin-s,due to authentic Ahadeeth in which Allaah, The Most High and His Messenger [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him] have cautioned those who do this with fire and severe punishment.

Thirdly, the paying of the loser the cost of using the game is forbidden, because it is wastefulness and the squandering of money in mere game and frivolity. The renting of the game is a void transaction and the earning of its owner from it is the attaining of ill-gotten property and consumption of wealth through falsehood. So this is a majors in and of the illegal gambling games. May Allaah bless and send peace upon the Prophet, his family and Companions.


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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