QUESTION: After I finished urinating, some drops of urine trickle out and this problem has afflicted me for five months, so I went to the hospital, but without benefit. For this reason, I pray the five [prayers] in this state, should I continue to pray like this or not.

ANSWER: All praise is due to Allaah the Lord of the worlds. We seek His blessings on Muhammad. My brother, first of all, you should take good care of yourself during purification. Make ablution half an hour or so before the time of prayer, after having urinated and the drops of urine have stopped, in the hope that it will have stopped before the time of prayer becomes due. Secondly, after urination, you must wash your pubic area with cold water, which will stop the urination and help to eliminate doubt and suspicion.

After performing istinja (cleaning up), you must sprinkle your pants and your garment with water, so that Shaytan does not cause you to suspect, if you see any wetness, that it is from urine, since it is likely it is the water which you sprinkled on your clothes. However, if dribbling of urine continues following or after urination, and does not stop for hours, then it is incontinence, and the ruling is the same as that of one whose problem is continuous, and he should not make ablution until after the time for every prayer becomes due. He must make ablution for every prayer, and what comes out during the prayer time, after making ablution, will not harm him, even if it gets on his clothes or body, after he has taken all possible measures to preserve his purity and cleanliness. And Allaah knows best.


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited


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