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One of the things that have become part of our daily lives as human beings is music. From our ceremonies; weddings, naming ceremonies, Eid celebrations e.t.c to television programmes and radio advertisement; music fills every sphereof life. It has gotten to the extent that any event without it is not reckoned with. ' Perhaps as youths this story might just be of benefit to us as far as the issue of music is concerned.

On the authoritY of Abu Haashim Ar- Rumaanee who' said: Zaadhaan said: "I was a youth with a very beautiful voice, and used to play the lute very well. I was with my companions and we had with us some wine, and I was singing. Then, Ibn Mas'ud :(RA) [and at the time; Zaadhaan did not know him physically; but he had heard of this noble and knowledgeable companion of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)] passed by and he turned over the vessel of wine spilling it on the ground. He also broke the lute and said: 

"Young man if only your beautiful voice could be heard reciting the Quran" So after he has removed the evil and given the 'evil-doers' his admonition; Abdullah ibn Mas'ud placed his scarf over his head and went on. So I said to my companions: "Who was that?" They answered: "Abdullah ibn Mas'ud, the companion of the Messenger of Allah." So the desire to repent was placed in my heart, I rushed to catch up with him crying and took him by histhowb (gannent) so he turned and hugged me and said: "I welcome the one Allah loves. Take a seat." And then he took out a date from his pocket and gave it to me." So Allah forgave him of his sins, and after this he was constantly in the company of Ibn Mas'ud until he learned the Qur'an, and a great deal of knowledge until becoming an Imaam. 

The Prophet (peace and blessings be uponhim) made the ruling on music clearer to us, He said:

 From among mfollowers there will be some people whwillconsider illegal sexual intercoursethe wearing of silK, the drinking of alcohol drinks, and use of musicainstrumentsas lawful... Allaah will destroy them during the night and will let the mountain fall on them, and He will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigs; and they will remain like that till the Day of Resurrection. (Sahih Bukhari),

This hadith shows that music is not acceptable. Were it to be acceptable, Allaah would not punish the people who engage in it.

What about Islamic songs?  

There is nothing like Islamic songs. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) never told us that there is a permission for it. It is still not permissible even if the person recites the Qur'an all through it in as much as it is accompanied with musical instruments. To make matters worse, women now go on television screen singing and dancing for everybody (including men) that are not supposed to look at them! The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said:

"At the end oftime there will be landslides, stones from heaven and transformation into animals, when musical instruments and female singers become widespread: (At- Tabarani) 

From this hadith we can see that the evil that are in music (especially women singers) are very many to the extent that whatwe call natural disasters happen because of it. We should note however that, there are allowances as far as singing is concerned such as little children singing on the days of celebrations (the two eid days) and they are allowed to use the duff (a small single face drum).Women arealso allowed to sing amongst themselveswithout any male being there. They should also stay away from prohibited things (musical instrument and unislamic statements) when singing. This is especially so at wedding ceremonies.

Way out. 

It is not very easy leaving music after having been used to it It is very difficult but you can do it , You may try the following and insha Allaah, it will help you in overcoming this problem. 

1. Do away with the musical tapes that you currently have, especially the ones thatare yours. 

2. Listen to Qur'anic recitation recorded on tapes especially the one that you love the recitation of the person who is reciting, However, do not allow the voice to take you away from pondering over the meaning of the verses that isbeing recited,

3.lf you must listen to something else, replace those tapes with Islamic poems that are like songs, but are different from it in the sense that they are not accompanied with musical instruments.  

4. Keep the company of good Muslims and stay away from people that will take you back to listening to music. 

May Allaah make it easy for us,

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited



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