Question: Who is a manager?

Answer: A manager is a person that coordinates other human and material factors of production in an organization in order to achieve the stated goal and object of the company effectively within a target or stated time.

Question: What does it take to be a manager?

Answer: You should be a social science student and do subjects like English language, Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, Government, and other subjects. But you have to obtain credit pass in English language, Mathematics, Economics, Commerce, and Government. Again you have to pass UME or PCE and also pass the post-JAMB [If you choose to go to the university], after meeting up with cut-off point in your choice university or polytechnic.

Question: How many years does it take to study business administration and management? In the case of university, it takes four years to obtain the Bachelor of Science [Bus. Admin]. It takes 4 years too to obtain the Higher National Diploma [HND, Bus Admin] at the polytechnic but it is divided into two. The first two years for Diploma (ND) and the last two years for HND and in between there is one year in industrial-attachment making it five years.

QUESTION: After graduation what next?

ANSWER: You have to undergo a one year NYSC programme and then you may start your managerial career by joining a company. You may also start your own business. As a manager, your services are required in any setting because business need to be managed at different levels.

Question: What further education can be taking as a Graduate?

Answer: One can do professional exams like ICAN, NIM, etc. You may also go ahead to obtain MBA, PHD or eventually become a Professor if you decide to settle in the academics. Also, you can train to become a management consultant.

Question: What are the challenges?

Answer: There are numerous challenges for a manager but the most prominent of them is that of self discipline, good integrity and total dedication. These form the bedrock of a successful career management. Most of the time, many managers are tempted to want to commit fraud because they know that the life of the company is in their hands, but as Muslims, the fear of Allaah should be uppermost in our minds.

Question: What is your advice to the youth who hope to be managers?

Answer: Firstly they should know that becoming a manager is a big task which requires a special dedication to your study. It also involves that one should be goal oriented disciplined and most importantly, seek Allaah support for whatever we do. And success is with Allaah alone.


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited


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