Quick Kitchen Organizing Tips

There are lots of places in your kitchen that could stand better organization. The number one goal for any organizing solution should be accessibility. When youre working in your kitchen, you need easy access to-the things you use regularly. Easy access depends entirely on knowing where your items are, without having to stop and think about where they might be.

Kitchen organizing doesnt have to take long at all. If you do it over a period of a week or two, youll be amazed at how organized things will get after just 15 minutes here and there. Doing it the simple. way:organizing as you go:

1. Group Items in your kitchen: All items you use together should be grouped together,such as baking matierials, spices, cutlery etc. As you take items out of your pantry and use them, you can take a few minutes here and there to put items into their new locations. With almost no extra effort, youve begun to organize your pantry space.

2. Don't scatter your kitchen gadgets around your kitchen: Locate them in a centralized place, even if its a little out of your workflow. If you spend thirty seconds walking across the kitchen to get your knife or your grater, thats okay. At least you know where they are and you wont spend 2 to 4 minutes looking for them or trying to remember where you put them last.

3. Hide everything that you can: Not only will you have clearer counters, you'll have cleaner utensils, cookbooks, and gadgets. As long as you know where you put things and put them there every time, accessibility isn't hindered.

4. Next time you put away your dishes, clear out any older,. unused dishware..:from your cabinets first: Donate to less-privileged family, or give to a relative or friend who height Want them. You can clear out plenty-of old dishware- in -less than 5 ~minutes, if you grab a box and start packing.

5. Throw out old food and make room for what you really use: The next time you go to put something into the freezer, grab at least two items that have been in there too long and then throw them out particularly if you are sure they are not good anymore. You cannot leave food in a freezer indefinitely and expect it to taste good later, or even be safe for eating.

By throwing out older items youll create extra space for what you will use. It takes just seconds to pick up something and throw it into the trash. Better still, give them out before they are bad.

6. Get rid of duplicates: The next time you put away a utensil, or pot or pan, notice if you have more than one of the items. Really think for a second about whether or not you make use of the second item on a semi-regular basis.

If not, consider what your life might be like without the item will you suffer because you don't have one -of them? Will someone else appreciate having your extra? In just a few minutes, you can clear out additional space for other items without sacrificing anything of note.

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