Last edition one of our sisters to share her experience about accidents with us her concerned. We bring you the concluding part of her story to you. Read on! Secondly, turning a deaf ear to the warnings of several loved ones who had warned me to stop taking bikes because of their recklessness , I looked left and right and called on one of those riding past. I gave him the address and reminded him that it was that of a hospital and that I was going there because I was ill.

So the warnings were:

1) Go slowly

2) No reckless driving

3) Avoid all potholes-big or small

4) Stick to the extreme right -hand side of the road.

5) Please, I don’t want wahala oh! Nobody must know I took an Okada.

So we started our journey, going slow and steady. I was just thinking to myself that this one Okada man was very responsible when it happened. Barely 24 hours after I witnessed an Okada accident as a passerby, I became a victim of one, all I remember is suddenly seeing a commercial bus (Danfo) at our side, hearing a loud screeching sound, a loud bang and there I was sprawled on the ground! My first thought at the time was "what will I tell them at home?" and then I thought of my illness.

I could only hope it had not worsened. After so much noise was made and the bus driver who first ran away was caught, I was finally taken to my hospital. By the time I got there, the Doctor I needed to see had left but I was happy to be alive. I earned myself a week of admission in the hospital and was confined to my bed due to the injuries I sustained. It was during this time that I really appreciated Allaah mercy.

I was lucky to escape with a few wounds but I was lucky all the same to be alive. Some people have less serious accidents and lose their lives. If I had died, there would have been no need to see the Doctor or think of my work or the so many places I could not go to because I was in the hospital. I would have been six feet below the earth and only Allaah knows what my fate would be. Whenever accidents or misfortune befall us, we should always give thanks to Allaah because there are some other people who are worse off than us.

We should also see it as an opportunity to seek Allaah forgiveness and exercise patience. Remember if such a thing had not happened, something worse may have happened! Which is it of the favours of your Lord will you deny?. Soorah Ar-Rahman (Q 55).


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited


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