Health Tips: DIARRHOEA

Diarrhoea is a very common illness especially among children. It is the excessive loss of fluids by the body. Although by itself it is not life- threatening, if not attended to on time, it might lead to other lite-threatening conditions. Diarrhoea may be caused by some food that upset the body system, but most commonly it is caused by bacteria or amoebae as a result of a person's unhygienic habits; such as eating unwashed or not properly washed foodstuff (e.g. fruits); unclean environment or also eating food that is exposed to flies, dust e.t.c.

The symptoms of the disease are easy to notice. The sudden loss of fluids and the toxicity of the infection makes the helpless patient dangerously ill in a very short time. The person is pale, famished and so weak that he may not be able to support himself. Once this illness comes, it is very important to act promptly. UNICEF has provided us with a simple first aid treatment to diarrhoea. This is known as Oral Rehydration Therapy (ORT).

ORT is very easy, cheap and simple to prepare. To a litre of good drinking water, add 5 cubes of sugar or 10 level tablespoons of sugar and 1 level tablespoon of salt, stir and it is ready. This mixture can only last for 24 hours. The ORT should be taken continuously. If after the use of ORT, the diarrhoea does not cease, please go and consult with your doctor.

Like all diseases, diarrhoea can be prevented by cleanliness. Wherever you live and no matter your financial status, Islam requires you to be clean and develop habits of cleanliness. Hence foodstuffs should be properly washed; regular cleaning of surrounding should be an habit, avoid eating exposed food e.t.c. Nursing mothers should be careful of what they eat and should clean properly baby's feeding things. Remember, Rasulullah (PBUH) said:

"... your body certainly has a right on you.... "(Bukhari)

One of the rights is not falling ill as a result of one's own carelessness by not being hygienic.  


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