It is usually in democracy and some other systems that government is segregated into three arms, that is: Executive, Legislature and Judiciary; a good example is Nigeria. As a fact matter, these aforementioned arms only cater about the well-being of the citizens inhabiting the country in 'body', a means which does not even affect lives effectively.

Being there, the three arms are indeed not enough. For the citizens, as human beings, need not well managed 'bodies' only, but beyond. Thus, there is need for another arm of government which serves as check and balances for every citizen in terms of material and spiritual possession. For this to be executed, every ''religion and religious personality'' needs to be taken to cognizance.

For a vast country like Nigeria, with over 500 ethnic groups, and over 200 languages, there is a thirst for religious intervention which will surely enhance peace and peaceful co-existence and war-free state of affairs in the country. ''Every religion teaches moral;'' no religion has ever legalised stealing, bribery, vandalism, robbery, terrorism and the ills of social vices. Otherwise, religion preaches quite contrary to those evil acts.

Every citizen, one way or the other belongs to a religion, even being a devout to such a religion and this makes them have direct contact with their religious leaders.

In conclusion, beyond reasonable doubt, if religious arm could be included in Nigeria arms of government which will cater for spiritual welfare of Nigerians with the aid of ''Religious clerics'', Nigeria will be livable.


(C) Abdullahi ibn Mashood

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