As I settled down to do some reading after Salaat-ul- Subhi, my mind wandered to the issue of how I would spend my day. It was another Jum'ah in the month of Ramadan and one of the high points of my day would be attending the Salaat-ul-Jumah at the Masjid. My mind raced with the speed of lightening past all the chores and errands I was supposed to run for the day; I did not want to think too much about them because I wasnt ready to leave what I was doing to start up on them immediately. All the same, I took a quick note of them so as not to forget: tidying up the apartment, PROCASTINATION IS THE THIEF OF TIME. ANOTHER POET DESCRIBED PROCASTINATION AS  ART OF KEEPING UP WITH YESTERDAY. going to the market to pick up the things I forgot to buy during my last visit, mending some clothes,. and of course doing the assignments I was supposed to have ready before my boss asked for them.

Okay, so all these things had to be done before Salaatul- Jumah and here I was actually dropping off to sleep all in the name of reading! It would have been a very smart idea to get up and start up on the tasks, but I just could not bring myself to do so; what was the point? I could always do them later! As I said those last six words to myself, my eyes snapped wide open! It struck me that I always said that anytime I did not want to do anything immediately.

Of course I would keep putting off such a thing until I could not do so anymore. Most likely, at that time, I would have a deadline hanging around my neck that must be met! The simple truth is that a lot of us are victims of the I will do it later syndrome widely known as PROCRASTINATION. Procrastination according to the Microsoft Encarta Dictionary means to postpone doing something especially as a regular practice, It also means to delay, adjourn, drag your feet, defer or put off.

According to an English poet who lived many years ago, Procrastination is the thief of time. Another poet described procrastination as the art of keeping up with yesterday. It is very common for us to keep postponing some tasks especially those that we do not enjoy till we cannot do S0 anymore. This does not make the unpleasantness of the tasks go away; rather it makes us work under pressure to complete them. The result may be that we do not give our best performance. For example, a student who does not enjoy studying may engage in other activities while neglecting his academic work till examinations are very close.

This does not make him enjoy the studying; rather, he has to do something he does not enjoy and he has aver; short time to do so without failing the examinations! How would he hope to perform better than those who had started studying from the beginning of the term? Procrastination sometimes lands us in trouble as we may be ready to do postponed tasks at a time when it may be too late.

I still shiver at the memory of an experience I had with my father about 14years ago. He had given me some handkerchiefs to wash and iron for him. Not wanting to bother myself with such a task at that time even though I was idle, I dumped them in a bowl of water without soap and promptly forgot about them until about a week later when he asked for them . I put up a calm appearance and told him I was going to bring them.

As I left him, I scrambled wildly to where I had soaked them. My plan was very simple; I would lock myself up, quickly wash the hankies and dry them with an electric iron! The good thing was that there was electricity supply on that day. You can imagine my shock when I found the bowl at the same spot but without the handkerchiefs! As I searched everywhere to no avail, I began to sweat profusely.

I was in big trouble! Nobody knew where the handkerchiefs had gone, not even my mother. The only person I could not ask about their whereabouts was my father. How would I explain to him that his hankies had vanished into thin air? As everyone sympathized with me on the impending strokes of the cane I would receive, they wondered if my father had come across the hankies and decided to hide them to teach me a lesson, Eventually, seeing that I was playing hide and seek with him, my father issued a three-hour ultimatum for me to deliver or face the consequences.

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