Last edition, we read about the strength and greatness that Allaah gave Prophet Suleiman (peace be upon him). We learnt about how he heard the ant that warned its fellow ants to save themselves so that king Suleiman and his army wont squash them with their feet. We ended the story where the king found out his bird, the hoopoe was missing. Now, we continue the story.

The hoopoe had gone to a distant land, he saw many things, wonderful things, so the bird said:

"I found a woman ruling over them and site is provided with everything. She has a magnificent throne. I found her and her people worshipping the sun instead of Allaah; Shaytan has made their deeds seem pleasing in their eyes and has kept them away from the Path so they receive no guidance. So they do not prostrate themselves before Allaah Who brings to light what is hidden in the heavens and the earth and knows what you hide and what you reveal. Allaah! There is no god but He! Lord of the Throne Supreme!" (Q27: 23-26)

The hoopoe had gone to a land where he found people ruled by a Queen. They had money, power and other good things but they were also worshippers of the sun and not worshippers of Allaah, Even the bird knew that only Allaah alone should be worshipped, but Shaytan had misled this people and made them worship a creature instead of Allaah, We should always be careful and not allow Shay tan to lead us astray. King Suleiman wanted to test the bird and he also wanted to guide those people to the worship of Allaah alone.

"(Suleiman) said: "Soon shall we see whether you have told the truth or lied! "Go with this letter of mine and deliver it to them; then draw back from them and (wait to) see what answer they return" ... (Q27: 27-28)

When the queen got the letter, she read it and decided to consult her chiefs on the matter before taking a decision. "(The Queen) said:

"0 Chiefs! Here is delivered to me a letter worthy of respect. It is from Suleiman and is (as follows): In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful. Don't be arrogant against me but come to me in submission to the true Religion. She said; 0 Chiefs! Advise me in this matter; no affair have I decided except in your presence. They said: We are en dued with strength and given to war; but the command is with you; so consider what you will command. (Q27: 29-33) .

The queen knew it is a letter from a honourable person. She read the letter and saw that this king was calling them to Islam. He did this so that they would stop worshipping the sun and start worshipping Allaah alone. This is what Muslims should do: they should call people to the true religion, the religion of Islam. The chiefs wanted to go war but the queen was wiser than them.

"She said: Kings when they enter a country destroy it and make the noblest of its people its meanest; thus do they behave. But I am going to send him a present and (wait) to see with what (answer) he returns with my messengers:" (Q27: 34-35)

She chose to be friends than go to war. As a sign of peace, she sent a gift to King Suleiman and waited for his reply. This is one of the ways friends behave, they send gifts to one another. The messengers now returned back to deliver the message to King Suleiman. What will King Suleiman do) How will he react to the message sent by the queen? Insha Allaah. well find out in the next part of the story.


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