Muawiyah ibn al-Hakim (RA) said: While I was praying with the messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), a man in the company sneezed. I said: Allaah have mercy on you! The people stared at me in a disapproving looks, so I said: Woe be upon me, why is it that you stare at me?メ They began to strike their hands on their thighs, and when I saw them urging me to observe silence (I became angry) but I said nothing.

When the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) had said the prayer (and I declared that neither before him nor after him have I seen a leader who gave a better instruction than he for whom I would give my father and mother as ransom), I swear that he did not scold, beat or revile me but said: Talking to persons is not fitting during the prayer, for it consists of glorifying Allaah, declaring His greatness, and recitation of the recitation of Quran or words to the effect. I said: Messenger of Allah, I was till recently pagan, But AIlah has brought to us lslam; among us there are men who have recourse to kahins (soothsayer) He said; Do not have recourse to them. l said: There are men who take omens. He said: That is some which they find in their breasts ,but let it not turn their way (from freedom of action: I said: Among us there are men who draw Iines. He said: There was prophet who drew, lines, so if they do it as they did, that is allowable. I had a maid who tended goats by the side of Uhud and jawwaniya.

One day I happened to pass that way and found that a wolf had carried a goat from her flock. I am after all a man from the posterity of Adam. I felt bad as they (human beings),feel bad, So I slapped her. I came to the Messenger of AlIah(peace, be upon him) and felt (this, act of mine) as, something grevious. I said:  o Messenger of Allah! should I not grant her freedom? He said: Bring her to me. So I brought her to him. He said to her: Where is Allah?; She said: He is above the heaven. He said: Who am I? She said:" You are the Messenger of Allah; He said: Grant her freedom, she is a believing woman.


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