More Reasons For Fabrication Of Hadeeth


Hadeeth literature contains a lot of material on the merits or otherwise of various towns, most of which is proved to be fabricated. Prejudice for a certain place was indeed a major factor behind such fabrication. Hadith’s on the merits of Jeddah, Basrah, Jordan, Khurasan, Oman, Asqalan, Qizwin, Nasibin, Antioch, Ibadan (Iraq) and condemning Constantinople,Tabriya and Sana, etc. comprise a large section in Ibn Iraqs work. Prejudice emither for or against a race was another factor behind the circulation of hadeeth such as the following: "The Zanjee (black) commits adultery when he is satisfied and steals when he hungry. But there is generosity and a helping spirit among them as well.(Tanzeeh ash-Shareeah)

"Love the Arabs for three reasons: I am Arab, the Quran is in Arabic and the people of Paradise will converse in Arabic."(Tanzeeh ash-Shareeah) Prejudice for one’s own Imam and hate for another is well depicted in the following invented hadeeth:"There shall be in my Ummah a man by the name Muhammad ibn Idrees (i.e.ash-Shafiee) who will be more dangerous to my Ummah than Iblees and there shall be a man in Ummah known as Abu Haneefah who is the lamp of my Ummah." (Tareekh al-Baghdad)

Similar factors seem to be at work in spurious hadeeth which support a legal issue held by one Imam or denounce it altogether. Inventions for personal motives Some people invented hadeeths to please their rulers. For example, there is a famous incident, credited to Ghayyath bn Ibraheem, a courtier of al-Mahdi, Abbasid Caliph. On one occasion, when he came to the court of al-Mahdi, who was fond of pigeons, he was asked to recite a hadeeth for the Caliph. He related: "So and so related to me that the Prophet said: "No competition is allowed except in archery, camel and horse racing and flying pigeons." Caliph Mahdi granted him a reward, but when he left, he said: "I bear witness that the back of your neck is that of a liar against the Prophet." Then he said: "But, I made him to do it." So he ordered that his pigeons be slaughtered and he abandoned the practice of keeping pigeons.

Another interesting incident is reported by al-Hakim on the authority of Sayf Ibn Umar at- Tameemi who said: "I was sitting by Saeed ibn Tareefwhen his son came from the Maktab crying. He asked, what made you cry? The child replied: The teacher beat me. Saeed said, Let me disgrace him today. Ikrimah reported to me on the authority of of ibn Abbas referring back to the Prophet who said: The teachers of your children are the worst among you. They have least mercy upon orphans and are the hardest among you towards the poor. (Tarikh Baghdad)


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