Allowed  during the month of Ramadan

Washing the nose and mouth in wudhu

Using eye or ear drops

Taking injection

Use of perfumes (For public use, for male only please!)

Cupping i.e process of letting out blood medically during the jahiliyyah period, or blood donations.(Some scholars disallow it) .

To use the siwak or toothbrush .

Opinion differ with regards to using toothpaste ;most scholars dislike (makruh) the use of toothpaste, Note: the rasul (peace be upon him) used a siwak.

Using Inhalers

Kissing ,caressing, but prevention is better than cure. (Only married people please!).

Wet dreams? Just do ghusl and continue the fast

Eat forgetfully? It is Allaah's rahma, so continue your fast

Bleeding (As long as you are not weak from blood flow)

Tasting food, but spit it out after putting it on your tongue

Bath in cold water at any time of the day

Unintentional vomiting


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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