Moving a lot in Salaah without pressing need deprives one from gaining the full reward for it.

Some examples of such movements are the following: interlocking fingers, playing with ones nails, moving feet a lot, adjusting the turban or the hat, looking at the watch ... etc. Indeed, being fully given to Salaah is its soul and essence to which every Muslim should pay much attention.

Moving a lot in Salaah is detested such as: scratching the nose, playing with ones beard or clothes ... etc, they could even render ones Salaah as void of its rewards. Little movement does not, however, nullify ones Salaah although every Muslim is urged to keep calm in Salaah in order to get its full reward.

This is indeed supported by the Prophet's [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) hadeeth which he addressed to his Companions seeing them moving in Salaah. purposelessly, he said:

Why do you raise your hands In Salaah as restless horses do with their tails?! Keep calm in your Salaah. [Muslim]

Accordingly, it is a mistake to hold a copy of the Quraan following the Imaam while the latter is reciting Quraan to check his recitation though some of those who hold the Mushaf could barely read.



This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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