Our parents are one of Allaah's greatest gifts to us. From the moment we are born, they shower us with so much love, affection and attention. They show us so much mercy and put our needs before their own. Very often, they pray that any harm that should befall us comes to them instead because they cannot bear to see us hurt.

They are always around us in times of joy, pain and sorrow. From the moment we take our first unsure steps, to when we say our first words cut our first tooth and even our first day at school to mention a few. We are so used to having them around us that we hardly ever think of life without them.

Come to think of it, there is no law that says we must have our parents around us all the time. There are so many children whose fathers are dead before they are born. This is by no wrongdoing of either the fathers or the children, but by the will of Allaah. It does not make them less special than those of us who are not that unfortunate.

Have you ever heard of a child whose mother died during his birth? Whether your answer is yes or no, the truth is that it happens all the time. For those of us who are attached to our mothers, I’m sure we'll find it hard to imagine ourselves in this condition.

For some children, they know the joy of having parents when they are young but not for too long because before they grow to maturity, they lose one or both of their parents. Some of such children cannot even remember what their parents look like!

A lot of us are not so unlucky; we grow up with our parents (the two of them). They are with us through all or most of the important occasions in our lives. Our secondary school years, graduation from the University, getting jobs, getting married, having our own children, the special occasions in the lives of our children (if they live to see their grandchildren) and so on.

In the end, if Allaah destines that they die before us, we feel very bad. We cry and complain and ask Allaah why HE had to take them away "so soon". Of course, some of us don't do this; we simply say "InnaIi lahi wa inna ilaihi rajiun.” (From Allaah we have come and to HIM is our return) and pray for the repose of their souls. But most of us would still wish we could have them around for much longer.

It is true that no matter how old one's parents are, they are sorely missed when they die. This is because they suffer so much for us and we feel we can never repay them enough for what they have done.

This is why we are encouraged to make this Duaa for them:

"Rabbi ir'am huma kama raba yaa nisaghira" [My Lord, bestow on them (my parents) Thy mercy even as they cherished me in childhood.] Soorah AI-lsraa (Q17:24)

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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