All praise is due to Allaah; the Lord and Cherisher of the world and all that is contained in it. May His peace and blessings and blessings be upon the noble soul of the Prophet, his household companions and those who follow his footsteps until the Day of Recompense [Aamin]. This edition we talk about an aspect of our lives which is very important; our interaction with others.

What does Islam say about the interaction between Muslims, between Muslims and between non-Muslims? Is their any limitation to the kind of things that can happen in these relationships? How about between the opposite sex what can they do and cant they? All of these and many more are answered in this edition. Do you know the name of the tallest man in the world? What about the shortest man? You dont? Let me bail you out.

The name of the tallest man is Leonid Stadnyk. He is a Ukranian and he is 8ft Sins tall. His height is almost twice the height of an average thirteen-year-old boy! And he his about 4 times the height of the shortest man in the world. Mr Pingping 2.4ft tall and he is the shortest man in the world. What we are concerned with here is not really the facts about the tallest and the shortest man in the world.

Rather what we are concerned with Is something that is responsible for the condition that this people have found themselves. What is growth disorder? Is it infectious, contagious or can it be inherited from ones parents? R a about this interesting piece on the health page of this edition of Legacy.

Last edition e started with the story of the letter the Prophet [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him] and how the Heraclius summoned Abu Sufyan to ask him some questions. What was the Heraclius reaction and what consequences does it have? Read about this on the story time page. As usual you will not be missing any of your ever exciting regulars in the Legacy magazine. Please keep reading and increase your knowledge.

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