His lineage


 He is Shaykh-Al-Islaam Abu Al- Fadhl Shihaab-ud-deen. Ahmad bin Alee bin Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Alee bin Ahmad bin Hajar Al-Kinaanee, Al-Asqalaanee, Al-Misree. He was born on the 12th Sha'ban 773 A.H. in Egypt. So his origin was in Asqiiaan (Palestine), by family lineage, he was Kinaanee and by birth he was Egyptian.

His father was among the great scholars in fiqh, Arabic language, and recitation. He was a man with respectable intellect, high moral standard and great worshipper of Allaah. He was famously known as AI-hafidh IbnHajar al-Asqalaanee.


His search for Knowledge


Under the guidance and training of his father, Imaam Ibn Hajar finished the memorization of the Qur'aan at the age of nine years. He stayed in the company of scholars like An- Nuure-I-Adaamee, AI-Anbaasee and al-Balqeenee and he learnt fiqh and Arabic language from them. He attended the classes of al-Imaam al-Khawaarizim and learnt a great deal about language under al- Fairuz aabaadee, the great scholar and author of al-Qaamus. He learnt the seven schools of recitation from al-Burhaan at-Tanuukhee .and he made great effort and struggle in all his courses till he attained the great height.


Allaah made the study of the' traditions of His Messenger beloved to him and he faced if with all zealousness. So in the year 793 A.H he began the search and pursuit of hadeeth. However, not until three years later in796 A.H was he able to garner much knowledge. He wrote concerning himself and said: "The veil was removed and the door was opened." He faced it with the strongest determination of acquiring it and he was fortunate to be guided to the straight path. He was also a companion of Az-Zaynu al-Iraaqi fourteen years. He travelled for learning to both Syria and the areas and outlying borders of Makkah and Madinah and he met many great scholars of his time. This was a privilege which none of his contemporary had.


 His books

 He spent much of his time spreading hadith and he occupied himself with researching, reading and writing. He has about 150 works to his credit. All of his books were cherished and accepted by the scholars. His most famous work which is regarded as the wonder of Islaam in the field of hadeeth is the fifteen volume treatise named Fath-ul- Baari , the explanation and commentary on Saheeh al-Bukhaari.


Some of his other famous writings include "Tahdheeb at- Tahdheeb and Taqreeb at-Taqreeb.• "AI-Isaabah fee tamyeez Sahaabah." "Addur.-I-Kaaminah fee A'yaan-I-miat- Thaaminah." And "Bulugh-I-Maram min Adilat-l- .Ahkaam." Died 852A.H


What the scholars say about him. The foremost scholars’ of the various madhabs testified to his ingenuity trustworthiness and great memory. AI-Iraaqi, one of his teachers in hadeeth said: "Among his companions, he is the most learned." A sufficient proof of his scholarship is that amongst the outstanding scholars, he is referred to as Al- Hafidh - meaning "the preserver of the sunnah." due to his in-depth knowledge  


His death

He died in the year 852 A.H. May Allaah reward him and forgive him his shortcoming and grant him paradise. (Amin)


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