As it was, as it is and as it shall always be, all Praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, the creator of all things in existence. May He continue to honour best of mankind, Muhammad Rasullulah (PBUH), with His choicest peace and blessing. May this peace also be on those who have been, those who are and those who will be with Muhammad (PBUH) till the end of time.

"To Allah belongs all that is in heavens and earth: to Allah do all matters return" (Q3:109).

The Signs of Allah (Ayat-ullah)? What are the signs of Allah? Allah (Ayat-ullah)? Allah says:

"Behold! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of Night and Day; there are indeed Signs for men of understanding - men who  remember Allah and contemplate the (wonders of) creation ... " (Q3: 190-191)


"Say those without knowledge: why speak not Allah unto us? Or why comes not unto us a sign? So said people before them words of similar import. Their hearts are alike. We have indeed made clear the Signs unto people who hold firmly to faith (in their hearts)" (Q2:118)

Clearly, the signs of Allah are everywhere for everyone to see as Allah says:

"On the earth are Signs for those of assured faith, as also in your own selves: will you not then See?’’, (Q51: 20-21):

Yet people in their self-delusion reject these self-evident signs and crave for other Signs and symbols to represent the Deen of Allah:

"Thus are deluded those who are want to reject the Signs of Allah " (Q40:63)

Think of the Red Cross Society. It was an object of fascination for many adolescents some time back. You couldn't miss the members of the Red Cross: the starched crisp white dress, the smart snickers, the navy blue beret cap and of course the red cross emblazoned on the dress. The Red Cross was ubiquitous, always present at Inter-House Sports schools, football matches, march pasts etc., to give first aid attention to matches, march pasts etc., to give first aid attention to admission, to any of those events, once you are a Red Cross member. Recently, I became fascinated again-with the society. This is no longer because of its ubiquity - it is now very obscure in our society - but because of its change of name. Internationally, the society is now called International Society of Red Cross and Crescent. It's symbol too has changed: the dominant red cross now sits on a red crescent (without the star)!

There is no guess for why there was a change in the name _though red is not a colour- of choice in Islam, there is no doubt as to who the crescent represents - Islam and Muslims. In case you may not know, the major funding for the Society initially came from the riba (usury) rejected by wealthy Muslims who kept their excess funds in Swiss and other European banks. Thus the need to accommodate Muslim sensitivity to the red cross. So much for the Red Cross and Crescent! Let's ask ourselves: does Islam require such condescending tokenism? Or more appropriately, is the Crescent - whether red, white or green, with or without the star - a symbol of Islam or Sign of Allah?

The clear answer is No! The amazing thing is the widespread usage of this innovation that started with the Turks. Little wonder some demented people suggest that Muslims are worshippers of the moon god! It is to correct the numerous false symbols and signs that have been attributed to deenal Haqq (the True Religion) that we have come up with this edition which seeks to clarify many of them. May Allah forgive us for our errors and shortcomings therein and may He accept it as an act of ibaadah (worship).May our brothers and sisters find proper education in it and put it to goood May Allah make the Deen easier for all of us (Amin) 

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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