Matrook (Discarded)

When a narrator is suspected of forgery, the sanad (chain) of the hadith in which he is mentioned is graded as matrook. Linguistically, the term matrook is the passive participle of the verb, taraka, (to leave; abandon; discard). Arabs traditionally referred to the broken egg-shell left behind by the newly emerged chick as the tarikah and this term is also used for the inheritance left behind by the deceased.


AI-Bayqooni defined the hadith matrook as follows: "Its discarded (matrook) is what a single person alone narrated and they are agreed on his weakness so it is karadd. Thus, the matrook is a strange narration related by a single weak narrator whose weakness is due to his being accused of lying in his narrations or due to his sinful statements or actions.



The hadith which is matrook may be known if any of the following two conditions exist:

1. The narration clearly contradicts universally accepted principles among Muslims and its only chain of narration has in it a suspected forger.

2. The narrator is well known for telling lies in his statements, but there is no evidence to confirm that he lied in his hadith narrations.


The following is an example of a hadith matrook collected by ad-Daraqutni in his Sunan: "Muhammad ibn al-Qasirn ibn Zakariya al-Muharibi informed us (saying) that al-Hasan ibn Muhammad ibn 'Abdil-Wahid informed us (saying) that Sa'eed ibn 'Uthman informed us (saying) that 'Amr ibn Shimr informed me from Jabir from Abu at-Tufayl from 'Ali ibn Abi Talib and 'Ammar ibn Yasir that they both heard the Messenger of Allah (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) recite the bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Raheem aloud in the Fatihah of obligatory prayers, make qunoot in Fajr and Witr prayers, and say Allahu akbar at the end of the obligatory prayers from Fajr in the morning of the Day of Arafat until the Asr prayers on the last Days of Tashreek." (Irwa al- Ghaleel)


This chain is very weak due mainly to 'Amr ibn Shimr al-Ja'fee al-Koofee about whom Ibn Hajar said in Lisan al-Meezan from Yahya ibn Ma'een: 'He is nothing. AI-Joorjani called him a deviated liar and Ibn Hibban labelled him a Shi'ite who cursed the Companions and narrated forgeries from reliable narrators. An-Nasa'i and ad-Daraqutni both said his narrations-were matrook. Also Jabir ibn Yazeed al-ja'fee is also weak.



The hadith matrook is often described as "very weak" (da'eef jiddan).



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