Musa (peace be upon him): the Good End is for The Pious

Allaah says:

"We recite to you some of the news of Moosah and Fir'aun in truth, for a people who believe (those who believe in this Qur'an, and in the Oneness of Allaah). Verily, Fir'aun exalted himself in the land and made its people sects, weakening (oppressing) a group (i.e. Children of Israel) among them, killing their sons, and letting their females live. Verily, he was of the Mufsidun (i.e. those who commit great sins and crimes, oppressors, tyrants, etc.). (Q28:3-4).

So it was in this time and environment that Prophet Musa (peace be upon him) was born. The Fir'aun at that time decided to kill all the male offspring of the children of Israel.

Despite this threat of Fir'aun, Allaah decided that it is this same Fir'aun that would bring Moosah up and pay for his upbringing.

Allaah says:

"And We inspired the mother of Moosah, (saying):"Suckle him [Moosah], but when you fear for him, then cast him into the river and fear not, nor grieve. Verily! We shall bring him back to you, and shall make him one of (Our) Messengers. "Then the household of Fir'aun picked him up, that he might become for them an enemy and a(cause of) grief. Verily! Fir'aun, Haman and their hosts were sinners. And the wife of Fir'aun said: "A comfort of the eye for me and for you. Kill him not, perhaps she may be of benefit to us, or we may adopt him as a son. " And they perceive not (the result of that). "(Q28:7-9)

A Young Man in Egypt

Allaah says;

"And when he attained his full strength, and was perfect (in manhood), We bestowed on him Hukman (Prophethood, right judgement of the affairs) and religious knowledge. And thus do We reward the Muhsinun (i.e. good doers). And he entered the city at a time of unawareness of its people, and he found there two men fighting, one of his party (his religion – from the Children of Israel), and the other of his foes. The man of his (own) party asked him for help against his foe, so Moosah struck him with his fist and killed him. He said: "This is of Shaitan's (Satan) doing, verily, he is a plain misleading enemy." He said: "My Lord! Verily, I have wronged myself, so forgive me."Then He forgave him. Verily, He is the Oft-Forgiving, the Most Merciful."

So he became afraid, looking about in the city (waiting as to what will be the result of his crime of killing), when behold, the man who had sought his help the day before, called for his help (again).Moosah said to him: "Verily, you are a plain misleader!" Then when he decided to seize the man who was an enemy to both of them, the man said: "O Moosah! Is it your intention to kill me as you killed a man yesterday? Your aim is nothing but to become a tyrant in the land, and not to be one of those who do right." (Q 28:14-19)

Prophet Maosah (peace be upon him) displayed the trait of someone who quickly turns to Allaah for forgiveness once he makes a mistake. He also showed that he does not assist a wrong doer even if he is from his own people and finally he always seek the assistance of Allaah with Duas in all his affairs however insignificant the matter might be. This recurs with him throughout his story as we shall see.

To Madyan

Allaah says:

"And there came a man running, from the farthest end of the city. He said: "O Moosah! Verily, the chiefs are taking counsel together about you, to kill you, so escape. Truly, I am to you of those who give sincere advice." (Q28:20)."

He said:

"My Lord! Save me from the people who are Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers)!"And when he went towards the land of Madyan he said: "It may be that my Lord guides me to the Right Way."

And when he arrived at the water of Madyan he found there a group of men watering (their flocks), and besides them he found two women who were keeping back (their flocks). He said: "What is the matter with you?" They said: "We cannot water (our flocks) until the shepherds take (their flocks). And our father is a very old man." So he watered (their flocks) for them, then he turned back to shade, and said: "My Lord! Truly, I am in need of whatever good that You bestow on me!"

Then there came to him one of the two women, walking shyly. She said: "Verily, my father calls you that he may reward you for having watered (our flocks) for us." So when he came to him and narrated the story, he said: "Fear you not. You have escaped from the people who are Zalimun (disbelievers)."

And said one of them (the two women): "O my father! Hire him! Verily, the best of men for you to hire is the strong, the trustworthy."He said: "I intend to wed one of these two daughters of mine to you, on condition that you serve me for eight years, but if you complete ten years, it will be (a favour) from you." (Q28:21-27).

When Prophet Moosah (peace be upon him) was faced with persecution he depended on Allaah, and he made Duaa. When he saw some women in some difficulty he enquired as to their affair and he assisted them. And what did Prophet Moosah (peace be upon him) after doing this act of charity, he again turned to Allaah in Duaa. And Allaah responded and rewarded him.

As we can see, it was the tradition of Muslim women to avoid mixing with men unnecessarily and are women who are shy unlike women of the disbelievers who have little or no shame. The Muslim woman also stay in their houses and come out only when there is a need; the need in this case, being that their father is an old man.

The Call & the Duty

After completing his term with his father in-law, Prophet Moosah (peace be upon him) left Maydan and One night, on the way, he saw a fire afar; so he went in the direction of the fire to get direction and some fire to warm his family. Allaah informs us of the events, Prophet Moosah (peace be upon him) said, "Wait! Verily, I have seen a fire, perhaps I can bring you some burning brand there from, or find some guidance at the fire." Prophet Moosah (peace be upon him) demonstrated the duties of the head of the family; he is to provide for them and protect them and seek guidance for them.

And his call to prophethood happened at that time Allaah says:

"And when he came to it (the fire), he was called by name: "O Moosah! "Verily! I am your Lord! So take off your shoes, you are in the sacred valley, Tuwa. And I have chosen you. So listen to that which is inspired to you. Verily! I am Allaah! La ilaha ilia Ana (none has the right to be worshipped but I), so worship Me, and perform As-Salaat (lqamat-as-Salaat) for My Remembrance." (Q20:9-14)

Allaah continues:

"And what is that in your right hand, o Moosah?" He said: "This is my stick, whereon I lean, and wherewith I beat down branches for my sheep, and wherein I find other uses." (Allaah) said: "Cast it down, 0 Moosah!" He cast it down, and behold! It was a snake, moving quickly. Allaah said:"Grasp it, and fear not, We shall return it to its former state, "And press your (right) hand to your (left) side, it will come forth white (and shining), without any disease as another sign, That We may show you (some) of Our Greater Signs. Go to Fir'aun! Verily, he has transgressed (all bounds in disbelief and disobedience)"(Q20:17-24).

Even when faced with lesser task, Prophet Moosah (peace be upon him)never forgot to ask Allaah for assistance, so at this time when he was saddled with one of the most difficult assignments he was to face, he once again turned to Allaah.

Allaah says:

"[Moosah] said: "O my Lord! Open for me my chest (grant me self-confidence, contentment, and boldness). "And ease my task for me; "And make loose the knot(the defect) from my tongue, (i.e. remove the incorrectness from my speech)."That they understand my speech, "And appoint for me a helper from my family, "Harun (Aaron), my brother; ... Allaah said: "You are granted your request, o Moosah! (Q20:25-36).

That was the extensive Duaa that Prophet Moosah made to Allaah for assistance on the heavy task before him.

Allaah says:

"Go you and your brother with My Ayaat (proofs, signs, etc.), and do not, you both, slacken and become weak in My Remembrance. Go, both of you, to Fir'aun, verily, he has transgressed. "And speak to him mildly, perhaps he may accept admonition or fear Allaah." (Q20:42-44).

Despite Fir'aun's transgression and tyranny, Allaah still asked Prophet Moosah (peace be upon him) to speak to him mildly; perhaps he may accept the Dawah. This is a lesson for those who engage in Dawah, they should not slacken in the remembrance of Allaah, they should be firm with the message but at the same time they should approach people mildly.

Invitation to Obedience

When Moosah and Haaroon (peace be upon them) got to Fir'aun they said:

"Verily, we are Messengers of your Lord, so let the Children of  Israel go with us, and torment them not; indeed, we have come with a sign from your Lord! And peace will be upon him who follows the guidance! Truly, it has been revealed to us that the torment will be for him who denies [believes not in the Oneness of Allaah, and in His Messengers), and turns away (from the truth and obedience of Allaah)." (Q20:47-48)

Rejection, Arrogance and Plagues Then they showed him some of the signs from Allaah, he called the signs of Allaah magic. Allaah says:

"And indeed We showed him [Fir'aun] all Our Signs and Evidences, but he denied and refused. He [Fir'aun] said: "Have you come to drive us out of our land with your magic, o Moosah? "Then verily, we can produce magic the like thereof; so appoint a meeting between us and you, which neither we, nor you shall fail to keep, in an open wide place where both shall have a just and equal chance (and beholders could witness the competition)." (Q20:56-58).

On the agreed day of convergence, the magicians of Fir'aun, to whom he had made great promises if they evercame Moosah (peace be upon him).They said to Moosah (peace be uponhim), "o Moosah! Either you throw first or we be the first to throw?' (Moosah) said: 'Nay, throw you (first)!' Then behold, their ropes and their sticks, by their magic, appeared to him as though they moved fast.

So Moosah conceived a fear in himself. We (Allaah) said:

'Fear not! Surely, you will have the upper hand. And throw that which is in your right hand! It will swallow up that which they have made. That which they have made is only a magician's trick, and the magician will never be successful, no matter whatever amount (of skill) he may attain..." (Q20:65-70)

The magicians of Fir'aun knew the game was up, they saw the truth and accepted it. They gave up the Shirk and Kufr and embraced faith. This was not sufficient for Fir'aun and some of his people to believe, Allaah says:

"They said [to Moosah]: Whatever Ayaat (lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) you may bring to us, to work there with your sorcery on us, we shall never believe in you."

Then Allaah tormented them with plagues but they were firm upon disbelief: Allaah says: 

"So We sent on them: the flood, the locusts, the lice, the frogs, and the blood: (as a succession of) manifest signs, yet they remained arrogant, and they were of those people who were Mujrimun (criminals, polytheists, etc.). And when the punishment fell on them they said: "O Moosah! Invoke your Lord for us because of His Promise to you. If you will remove the punishment from us, we indeed shall believe in you, and we shall let the Children of Israel go with you." But when We removed; the punishment from them for a fixed term, which they had to reach, behold! They broke their word!"(Q7:132-135)

The Good and the Evil End

Finally, Allaah destroyed Fir'aun and his soldiers by drowning them in the sea when they pursued the Children of Israel after allowing them to leave the land of Egypt. Allaah says:

 "And he and his hosts were arrogant in the land, without right, and they thought that they would never return to Us. So We seized him and his hosts, and We threw them all into the sea (and drowned them). So behold what was the end of the Zalimun ." (Q28:39-40)

On the other hand, Allaah led the children of Israel under the leadership of Moosah and Haroon through the parted sea. Allaah says:

 "And the fair word of your Lord was fulfilled for the children of Israel, because of their endurance" (Q7:136)



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