Shaykh Muhammad As-Shanqeetee


He was a great scholar, born in 1325H in the region known as Shanqeet, which is the eastern of the state of Mauritania. He was born in a household of knowledge. He completed his studies in various subjects of the Religion under the senior scholars of his land.

In the year 1367H, he went to Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj and began to teach in the Prophet's Mosque. After noticing his vast knowledge, he was retained in the Haramayn (Vicinity of Makkah and Madeenah} so that he can teach and provide general benefit. Later he moved to Madeenah to teach in the Islamic University.

He authored many books among which was Adwaa-ul-Bayaan fee Tafseer-i1-Qur'aan bil-Qur'aan. This is his tremendous voluminous work on Tafseer of the Qu'raan. The Shaikh died on the forenoon of Thursday, the 17th of Dhul-Hijjah, 1393H.His death occurred in Makkah on his return from Hajj.


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