Which of the two describes you? Leadership is creative, adaptive, and agile. Leadership looks at right things, which implies a goal, a direction, an objective, a vision, a, path, a final destination for which all the actions and motion are headed. Dealership is about copying ,managing the status quo and trying to please others without any overall objective. Which of the two do you offer those that look up to you to lead them: the members of your family, the colleagues at work, the association you belong or even the larger society? A true leader creates things. Lets look at six of the most important things you must create to lead your family successfully.

COMPELLING VISION: If you want to lead people, first get them to buy into a shared vision and then translate that vision into action. Leaders take peopIe to a new place were even the leaders haven't been themselves but they know where it is, how it is and how to get there. And leaders draw other people to them to enroll to the vision by inspiration rather than a push. The deaf got it right in the deaf sign for lead.

It is to cradle the arms and then rock them back and forth the way a parent would nurture" a child tht should give a clear idea of how to lead your family As for the vision, then Allaah has proved that for the man of taqwa in His Book:

"O you who believe! ward off yourselves and your families against a "Fire(Hell) whose fuel is man and stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern and severe ,who disobey not the Commands they receive ,from Allah, but do that which they are commanded." [Q66[at-Tahrim]:6]

Now you as the leader really do not want to lead anyone to Hell-fire or make them face stern but obedient angels who are justifiably severe with those who had led a life of disobedience, do you? So if you should lead them to this:

"(You) who believed in Our Sign and were Muslims ,enter Paradise, you and your wives , in happiness, trays of gold and cups will be passed round them ;.therein all the inner-selves could desire, and that eyes could delight in and you will abide therein forever.(Q43[Zukhruf]:69-71)

CLIMATE TRUST: Trust comes not from a particular technique but from the character of the leader. To create trust, you need three things:- competence, congruity and constancy. If you are competent, your followers will have trust In you to led them capably. What you say must be congruent with what you feel, with what you believe in (your vision) and with what you do ! Then you will become an effective leader. After that, you must give the followers the feeling that you are constantly with them ;right by their side not across the divide from them. On the authority of Sufyaan Ibn Abdullah {RA) who said: "I said, O Messenger of Allaah, tell me a statement about Islam such that I will not have to ask anyone other than you. He answered: `Say, `I believe in Allaah and them stand firm and stead fast to that (Muslim)

Truly, all of Islam is encompasses in this two-part comprehensive response: the correct belief until death. How does this apply to you in your leadership role? Your competence lies in your having the correct belief in Allaah ,otherwise you may be leading them to an uncertain destination. When you are firm in this belief, then you become congruent. Firmness means that you will entertain no doubt in this belief (remember that sufyaan said that I will not ask anyone other than youメ). Then be steadfast, that is be constant! This is the most difficult and may not be attainable all the time. The prophet (salallahu alayhi wa salaam)said, "Be straight on the path or be close to it. モ(Bukhari) When ever you fall short of the mark, be humble toward Allaah, recognize your shortcoming and ask Allaah for forgiveness.

GOOD ATTITUDE: A good attitude is blessing and a bad attitude is a calamity, Piety (birr) lengthens life, and charity will prevent a bad death." (Ahmad).

One of the prayers of the Rasul (salallahu alayhi Wa sallam) was:

"Allahumma ahsanta khalqi fa ahsin khulqi (O Allaah, You have made my physical constitution, good, so make my attitude: and behaviour good also)" (Ahmad)

MEANING: You start with vision, you build trust and . then you create meaning. A leader creates meaning I by creating an environment where people are r reminded of whats important. He must use words and attitude to create the right environment and he must model the behaviour that will make the family achieve the vision. When leaders dont do that, the followers get disaffected. Keep in mind our vision and then come along with this lengthy but very useful advice from the Prophet on how to create meaning for your family. Narrated by Muadh ibn Jabal (RA): "I said, 0 Messenger of Allah, tell me of something which should cause me to be admitted to Paradise and will, keep me away from the Fire. He answered: You have asked about a matter of great importance but it is easy for one for whom Allah makes it easy.

Allah and associate nothing with Him. Observe Prayer, pay the Zakat, observe the Fast of Ramadan and perform the Pilgrimage if you can afford the journey. " , "Then he added: Shall I inform you of the gates of goodness? The fast is a shield. Charity puts out sins as water puts out fire and also the Prayer in the middle of the night. Then he recited:

"They withdraw themselves from their beds in the latter part of the night for Prayers and they call on their Lord in fear and hope and spend out of that which We have bestowed on them. No one knows what bliss is kept hidden from them, as a reward for what they used to do" (Q32[as-Sajdah]:17-18)."

"Then he added: Shall I not tell you of the head of the matter and of its apex? I said: Certainly, Messenger of Allah. He said: The head of the matter is submission to Allah. Its pillar is the prayer. And the apex is jihad (striving in the cause of Allah). Then he asked: Shall I not inform you of what controls of this? I said: Certainly, Messenger of Allah. Then he took hold of is tongue and said: Keep-this in control, I said Shall we be called to account in respect of that, which we say? He answered: `May your mother be bereaved of you, O Muaadh. Is there anything that has people thrown on their faces or he said on their noses into the Fire except that which the tongues reap[Tirmidhi]The meaningful actions have been clearly spelt out, there is no more to add. Just be steadfast in your doing them! 

SUCCESS: Even from mistakes and failures! You must learn never to take the same decisions that led to ruin again when faced with the same or similar situations. The Rasul (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) said:

"believer is not stung twice (by something) out of one and the same hole. " (Bukhari)

This means a believer is alert and he benefits by his experience to avoid faults in future and is not deceived twice. Muaawiya (RA) further explained that,

"No one can be wise except the one with experience. "(Bukhari)

For the leader, wherever he trips should be where the treasure lies. One major failure is when the leader falls into sin, sin against the commands of Allah. The success that derives from this is to hasten to repentance and seek His forgiveness. This includes the ability to embrace error, admit them and smoothen rough edges that might have occurred.

HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT: Effective leadership empowers the followers, that is, other members of your family. Good "leaders should make each follower feel that he or she makes a positive difference in the family. Are your followers significant? If you are a true leader, then your wife and children must feel that following you gives their life meaning and purpose. Do you embody the ethics and values you intend for the home? You have to be the change you wish to see in your family. Remember what the Messenger of Allah (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) said:

"The best of you is the best of you toward his family and I am the best of you toward my family." (Tirmidhi)

LOVES FOR ALLAHS SAKE: Muadh Ibn Jabal (RA)heard the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) said: "Allah says: My love is granted to those who love one another for Mysake, who visit one another for My sake, and who spend on one another for My sake." (Muwatta)



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