There are five habits that a Muslim must cultivate and they are the following;

1. Manage Your Time: A Muslim who intends to be a leader like we have said before must know where his time goes i.e. plan and use his time effectively to achieve something that will be beneficial to him not only immediately, but in the future as well.

2. Focus On The Result: A Muslim leader must focus on concrete results. He should concentrate on the results that he intends to achieve and not just the work itself. As an example, if you are reading, it is not just the reading that should really matter to you but what you intend to achieve with the reading itself which is understanding what you are reading, or passing the exams that you are reading for.

3. Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses: A leader must build on strengths not on weaknesses. This includes not only your own, but those of others. Acknowledge and accept your strengths and weaknesses and be able to accept the best in others without feeling that your position is threatened.

4. Set & Stick To Priorities: A leader must focus on a few major areas where consistent hard work will produce outstanding results. This can be easily achieved if you set priorities and stick to those priorities.

5. Trust In Allaah: Very importantly especially for the Muslim leader, you must put your trust in Allaah and aim high instead of limiting your goals to only the safe and easy things. Who is the non leader? The non leader is the one who come to the assembly unprepared and says: I am just one of you; you tell me what to do. Whatever you agree upon, I will try and go along The leaders work is to do his homework before he comes in front of the members, and to prepare alternatives for them to discuss and decide upon".




This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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