Wisdom From The Salafus-Saalih [Pious Predecesors]

Between Hope And Fear

Sufyaan Ibn Uyaynah (RAH) said: "He whose sin is due to desire. Then have hope for him; and he whose sin is due to pride, then fear for him. Because Aadam (alayhis-salaam) sinned due to desire and he was forgiven; and Iblees sinned due to pride and he was cursed." [Siyar A'laamun-Nubalaa (8/471 )]

Signs Of True Brotherhood

Ali Ibn Abi Taalib (RA) said: Your brother is one who,if he brings a calamity upon you sometimes. then he does not cease having mercy upon you. Your brother is not the one who if your affairs become disrupted  starts abusing and insulting you." [al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah (7/128)]

Diminishing Piety

Imaam al-Hasan al-Basree (RA) said: when he came across a group of people disputing: "These ones have become tired of worship, speaking has become easy for them, and their piety has diminished and that is why they talk." [az-Zuhd (p. 272) and al-Hilyatul-Awliyaa (2/1 56)] Iyaas Ibn Muaawiyah (RA)said: "There is no one who does not know his own faults except that he is stupid." It was said to him. Then what is your shortcoming? He said, "Too much talk." [al-Hilyatul-Awliyaa (3/124)]

The Shield Of the Scholar

Imaam Maalik Ibn Anas (RA) said: "The shield of the scholar is saying I do not know. So if he forgets it, then his enemies strike him!"[Hilyatul-Awliyaa (6/323)] AI-Haytham Ibn Jameel said: "I heard Maalik being asked about forty-eight questions. he replied to thirty-two of them saying. I do not know." [al-Jaamiul-Bayaanil-lIm wa-Fadlihi (2/25)] Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Mahdee (d. I98H) - rahimahullaah - said: We were with Maalik Ibn Anas when a man came saying. O Abaa Abdullaah, I have traveled a distance of six months. The people of my land sent me to ask you about a matter. So he said. Ask!So the man asked him some things, so he replied. I do not know. And the man thought he had come to someone who knew everything. So he said, What shall I tell the people of my land when I return to them? He said, Say to them. Maalik Ibn Anas does not know.[al-jarh wat-Tadeel (1/17)]

Beneficial Knowledge Or Mere Talk

Ibn Masood (RA) said: "You are in a time whose scholars are many, and its speakers are few. Later, you will come in a time whose scholars are few, and whose speakers are many." [Fathul-Baaree]

Profit in the Hereafter

Awn Ibn Abdullaah (RA)said: "Three are from eemaan (faith): modesty. chastity, and withholding the tongue - not the heart, nor the actions - since these are things that bring profit in the Hereafter, and loss in this life. And whatever is gained in the Hereafter is greater than whatever is lost in this life." [Musan nafAbd ur- Razzaaq(11/142)]


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