"Invite (all) to the way of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching; and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious; ....” (Q16:125).


Muawwadh, Mu'adh and Khallad (RA) were sons of Amr ibn al-Jamull (RA).These three youngsters had a common problem –their father was still a disbeliever deeply attached to idol worshipping. He consults Manat (an Idol) before doing anything.

To persuade their father, one day Mu'adh (RA) recited Suratul Fatiha. "How perfect are these words, and how beaufiful!" their father exclaimed."Is everything he (i.e. the Prophet (PBUH)) says like this?" "Yes indeed father. Do you wish to accept Islam? All your people have already done so" urged Mu'adh (RA). "I shall not do so until I consult Manatt and see what he says" Amr (RA) replied.

The sons were not disappointed, rather they were more determined to show the folly of worshipping idols or any other being besides Allah. Each night the sons will throw Manat into a refuse dump. In the morning the father will exclaim “who has attacked ours god last night?' He will look for it and restored it to its position. 'This continued until one night, the father hung a sword around the Idol's neck and said: "O Manat, I don't know who is doing this to you. If you have any power of good in you, defend yourself against the evil person. Here is a sword for you". The next morning, Amr (RA) again found the idol at the refuse dump and concluded: "if this idol cannot help itself, then it does not deserve to be worshipped" and thereafter accepted Islam to the happiness of his three sons.

LESSON: Take the cue: call the elderly onto to the right path with patience, respect and logic

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