“And remember with gratitude Allah's favour on you ...." (Q3:103).


The poor and needy people of Madinah normally go to Rasulullah (PBUH) and his family for help. The Prophet (PBUH) and his wives aided them as much as possible. Once, an old woman and her two daughters, who were very hungry went to Aishah '(RA). Aishah (RA) looked in the house but found nothing except a date, which she gave them. The mother was very grateful and divided the date between her two daughters, who ate it immediately. Half a date was hardly enough for the hungry girls, the loving mother did not even get any.

When Rasulullah (PBUH) heard what happened, he was sad and said:

"When Allah gives people children, He places deep love in their obligation to their hearts. If they respond to Allah's blessing by fulfilling their obligation to their children, Allah will protect them from the fires of Hell. "(Al-Bukhari)

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) taught that caring for one's children, is a way of thanking Allah for His kindness. Allah rewards believers for loving their families.

LESSON: It is important to show and give love to one's family, this is a way of thanking Allah

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