Why are Muslims being used?

The stigmatization and bad eyes Muslims get from the media just from having a hijab wrapped around their heads or the males having their trousers slightly up is no longer a news. The condemnation from the media and the world. Oh! So cruel!

I attended a pre-Ramadan lecture one day and one of the questions raised went thus: ‘There are several religions in the world and as a matter of fact, easier ones. I mean, as a Christian or Buddhist, you definitely don’t have to go through observing prayers 5 times daily and getting your make-up wiped off in the process of performing ablution, neither do you need to go through the process of learning Arabic and how to recite the holy book, you also don’t need your head covered and that dazzling piece of necklace or the design in front of your beautiful Disney princess gown covered, making it look like just any other gown. Instead, people leave all of those “freedom” and choose to imitate Muslims when putting up criminal acts. Why are Muslims being used?

Yes, it is part of Allah’s decree that Muslims face difficulties such as these and that doesn’t make Islam less pleasing. Of course not. It is also some people’s plot to make Islam look opposite of the religion of peace that it is; that is part of it too.

But why don’t we all tie our camel before praying and trusting Allah to protect it? Despite the fact that the whole world is “against” Islam, why don’t we try to change their perspective? Yes, they have concluded and would only see what Allah wants them to see but read this to the end first.  Why conclude that the whole world hates Islam and thus there is nothing we can do except they are ready? Nope, of course, there is.

I mean, the Prophet did it; he won the heart of thousands of people through his attitude and reaction towards life. How often do we actually smile and greet everyone, no matter who they are like he did? Do we fulfil the rights of our neighbors and people of other beliefs? We are called terrorists, we claim we are not, but we don’t smile.

Islam is a religion of peace. Yes, let us act like it and invite people to trust in Allah alone through our beautiful behaviors. After all, the Prophet PBUH advised us to strive to be of the best behavior.

Even though they want to use Islam, let us not allow ourselves be used as Muslims.


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