(Managing the home)diary of a mother

It was another crazy morning! My youngest son woke up screaming and insisting that he was not going to have his bath, while the older one decided he was a red power ranger and was determined to destroy all the evil people and save the world that morning! By the time I got the youngest to take his bath, and convinced the older one that, he had to go to school first if he wanted to save the world, my hair felt like it was tied up in knots and my throat like the Sahara desert! Finally we were ready to go.

And then we started our journey in the land of loonies! As Isang and danced along to the mad tunes of Lagos traffic, my two boys started to fight, both of them insisting "he kicked me first!" Between settling the fight, my neck almost stuck to the side and struggling with a bus driver who was determined to run me off the road,I almost hit another driver and earned myself a couple of unprintable names! Needless to say that by this time, I was snarling and almost eating up the car steering! I gave my children two hard pinches, and the struggling driver a good naseehah and felt really good with myself.

A look at the drivers angry face, I could guess that he didnt take the admonition too well! Also, I could hear some whimper from the backseat - then finally, some quiet. We continued the trip to school, telling stories. Then I saw in the car right in front of me, a little child, of about four, kneeling on the seat, face towards the rear glass. He had a spoon in his mouth and it looked like he was ... trying to scoop out his tongue! I flashed the woman driving with some urgency.

At first, she didnt respond, and had probably been saying some not too nice things about the car behind her. Then on second thoughts, looked in the rearview mirror when she saw that I didn't stop, I pointed to the back seat. The woman turned, saw what her son was up to, picked up what looked like a small stick, which she kept on the dashboard and attempted to hit the boy with it while driving at the same time! That wasnt a good idea, and I wasnt going to wait to find out what could possibly happen. I pulled out from behind her, each mother with her own jare! Ma ko ba mil (Dont get me into trouble!) I saw her face as I drove past, she looked right at me, she didn't return the empathetic smile Igave her! She obviously had other things on her mind and smiling was definitely not on the agenda! At last we got to school; barely making it to morning assembly! "Asalaam Alaykum! Don't be naughty in school!" "Bye bye mama!" We kissed and waved our byes! Phew! Idrove off and headed for my office and the car seemed awfully quiet.

I was missing my kids already! Do I sound like I might need a session on the armchair with the shrink? I got to the office and as I made to park my car, a car suddenly pulls off the road on to the kerb and the door of the drivers seat is thrown open before the car stops completely. A woman jumps out of the car, brandishing a small stick obviously very angry and looked ready for war! At first I thought a young man who was passing by, was the culprit, and the man too who had seen the woman apparently heading in his direction looked alarmed and ready to take off.

I watched unable to do any other thing. The woman, walked past the young man, and turns round to the back seat. Then I heard the sound of crying, from the backseat of the womans car, it was a child! Need I say any more? Lessons learnt for the day: Children are joys to be with, if you dont believe me, ask a mother!


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