Farewell to Ramadan

Bismillaiir Rahmanir Raheem AGAIN,WE ARE HERE?

By the time! Verily man is in loss. Except such as have faith, and do righteous deeds and (join together) it is mutual enjoining of truth and of patience and consultancy (Q 103:1-3)

How so true are the words of AIIah! It seems almost unbelievable that we welcome the blessed month of Ramadan only a few weeks ago. And again here we are; getting ready to bid bye to the month of glory.

These days that have passed are gone forever, irretrievablely lost to man and they will only be called forth to be accounted for on the day of Judgement. Truly, anyone that has not used this month of fast to earn the mercy of Allaah is in total loss and IS a sure loser! The man is also a loser if he has abstained from food, drink, and sex during the daylight of this month, but still has not benefited from the discipline, piety and spirituality of Ramadan. A real pitiable loser for Angel JibriI (PBUH) prayed that "whoever reaches the month and does not have his sins forgiven and so enters the fire, then may Allaah distance himヤ and the Prophet (PBUH) said "Amin".(Muslim)

Only that man has gained who has used the month to Constantly remember Allaah and "do righteous deeds and (join together) in the mutual enjoining of truth and of patience and constancy"(Q103:3): Now is the time to ask ourselves which of the three categories we belong to: are you a sure loser- a kaffir (unbeliever) who has refused to obey Allah and fast in this glorious month? Or are you a loser still - the one who has observed the fast as a cultural habit without its lessons or are you the winner - the muttaqi (the pious) who has observed the fast with true iman (faith) and insha Allah gets the full reward from Allah? It is an annual ritual; still we must ask again: where are we?

Our conduct between now and the next Ramadan will be critical indicator of where we are. If our self-restraint and consciousness (taqwa) ends with Ramadan or there is a significant drop with our piety indicator; then the whole of this blessed month would have been wasted. If however, fasting and the taqwa and constant remembrance of Allah that comes with it becomes a way of our lives, then we belong to the class of the muttaqun on whom there is neither fear nor grief:

Again, where are we? All praise is due to Allah at the end as in the beginning. May His blessings continue to abide on the best of mankind and the last of His Messengers, Muhammad and all those who follow him till the end of time. (Amin). May Allah accept our fast as an act of ibaadah and admit us into His Jannah (Paradise) through the promised gate of Ar-Rayyaan. (Amin) lnsha Allah, see you next Ramadan!


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