The nature of time

Perhaps you are aware of the saying: "What is longest, yet the shortest; the swiftest, yet the slowest; all of us neglect it, and then we all regret it? Nothing can be done without it, it swallows up all that is small and builds up all that is great?"

It is time.

It is the longest because it is the measured eternity; it is the shortest because none of us have time to finish life's work; it is the swiftest to those who are happy and slowest for those who suffer. Nothing can be done without it because it is the theatre in which we live. Time is what life is made of! It swallows up on oblivion all that is unworthy of posterity, and it builds and preserves all that is great and unselfish.

The use of time.

Successful people spend their time doing things that people who fail are unwilling to do.

The average person finds it easier to adjust to the hardships of failure than to spend the time adjusting to the sacrifices that lead to success. It means little to have goals and destinations in life unless there is a time schedule attached to each. Only then can we start moving towards these goals and arrive at the destination.

We fall into two categories: first we have the unfortunate, unhappy group which is always going to start something tomorrow. Then we have that wonderful group which is ready to go right now. For them there is no tomorrow.

Killing time is not just a crime, it' is murder! If you must kill it, why not work it to death? Whenever you say: "I don't have time," all you are saying is that there are other things more important to me.

One Day At A Time.

Every morning when we wake up, our pocketbook is filled with twenty- four hours. The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) tells us that "Not a single dawn breaks out without two angels calling out:

"Oh! Son of Adam, I am a new day and I witness your actions, so make the best  out of me because I will never come back till the Day of Judgement" (AI-Ma'thur of the Prophet)

Each day must be filled with things to be proud of.

Unless we are ready to start right now, regardless of our good intentions, this time tomorrow, this time next week, this time ten years from now we shall still be bogged down.


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited
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