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As an Unmarried young daughter, one will always try to be dutiful to her parents, (because this is greater than the optional fighting and struggling in the path of Allah [Jihad]. One helps with the domestic chores, especially those believed to be feminine. Thereby, the females are usually found in the kitchen. The following are tips collated on pratical experiences taught by mothers and which will Insha Allah come in handy in our own various household experience:

1.    Washing clothes could be interesting to some people, especially if there is availability of water. However, it could be painful with the discomfort caused by powdery detergents on the hands. Then, if you must apply detergent, add water to it on the clothes and don’t let it touch your skin. Scrub cloth with the sides of your thumbs and should not exceed the wrist. If it goes beyond, and the skin is affected, apply petroleum jelly to the affected part to aid healing.

2.    Avoid wearing rumpled clothes if there is no electricity supply. All you need to do is to hang clothes on hangers immediately after washing without squeezing them and if you do, shake them off before hanging. After drying, do not pack them with other clothes, but still hang in suitable place.

3.    For beautiful, shiny jewelry, use a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Rub lightly, rinse and polish with a towel. Also, you can jewelry with tomatoes. Place jewelry in one hand and wash with tomato lightly, and polish with a towel or cloth. Diamonds and gold will simply glow.

4.    Simply add a little quantity of kerosene (and detergent, if you wish) to water for mopping the floor. It keeps crawling insects off, if done regularly.

5.    Palm oil could be wonderful if rubbed on peperry hands caused by removing the stalks from pepper or grinding pepper.


This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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