Get It Done

What's better than being organized and focused? Being done! Not only will you be glad to know you've done well, but you'll have a finished product to be proud of. Hang in there until it's all done, and don't give up when you're halfway through. Make sure your homework is neat. Check your work for mistakes, and fix any you find. If it's a project or a book report, put on the finishing touches.

When you're finished with one part of the homework, checking it off on your assignment list can give you a good feeling. When you've finished all your homework, there's still one more thing. You have to get your homework to school. It doesn't do much good if you leave your assignment on your desk at home!

To be sure you're ready for school, check your bags. Make sure your name is on your homework, your homework is in a safe place (like a folder), the folder is in your backpack, and your backpack doesn't get left in the car or on the bus. You did the hard work, you deserve to get full credit for it!

 For home chores, getting it done means sticking with it until the job's completely finished. When you think you're done (or almost done), take a look around your room to see if there's anything you forgot to pick up. Bed made? Check. Shoes put away? Check Dirty clothes in the right basket? Check. Clean clothes in the drawer? Check. Toys and books where they belong? Check.

For anything you do, getting it done means finishing what you start, doing a good job, and checking your work. Oh, and one more important thing: Take a moment to admire the work you've done. You deserve to feel proud. Nice job! 

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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