Inside DN where three tribes thrive to propagate dawah work

Alhamdulillah! we give thanks and adorations to the Most High (subhanahu wa ta'ala). We beseech His Mercy on the noblest soul, the father of Qaasim (peace and blessings of Allah be upon Him).


In our more than 10 years of active involvement in the dawah cyberspace, we have rolled out lots of educative and inspiring initiatives to help build a stronger “acado-spiritual” welfare and a fortress for a strong mind and well being.


We have a rich history of having had many of our ex-staffs who have come and gone, yet definitely and obviously, dawah has remained. We pray that Allah bless the works of those in the past, those that built a foundation for what the current team is working on in shaa Allah and we can only hope that we get better by the day.


As you might know, DN provides a lodge to accommodate member staff who are coming from far and beyond to ease transportation and lodging issues. Little would you wonder, then, that the lodge, which was just a single room rent many years back, has metamorphosed into a 3-bedroom flat for males, a separate flat for females and two different single-room apartments. Alhamdulillah for what we have now; though we hope to expand to accommodate the teeming members coming on board.


It would be interesting to see how GEMians, as we fondly call ourselves from years back, interact and interrelate. Our community is dominated by the major tribe in the Southwest -Yoruba. Not limited to that, we have members from Nupe, Hausa, Edo etc. 


Though there is no ban on the use of indigenous language as a means of communication, there is a particular room that has three colleagues coincidentally not of the same tribe. Two of these roomies are graduates of Unilorin, but, while one is from Kwara state, the other is from Edo state. By consequence, speaking Afemai is not an option while Yoruba cannot be adopted. To make the situation more interesting, a new corp member recently joined the organization and was fortunate to be lodged in the same room as them. Guess his tribe and language!


Do you know you can help expand and make the lodge comfortable for members? Kindly donate as we pray that Allah eases your affairs and grant us all Aljannatul Firdaus.


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