1.Everything that is decreed for the Muslim  is best for him

2.There  are  many  other  blessings  of  Allaah  on  you, recollect them and be thankful.

3. Whatever  you  have  are  better  than  countless others that you do not have

4. Indeed with every difficulty there is relief.

5. In times of hardships, your refuge is in your prayer

6. Calamity only reshapes your outlook and strengthens your heart.

7. If you allow trifles to worry you, you would have caused your own destruction

8. Ufe is all about bread, water and a shade to Jay your head, do not be perturbed  by a Jack of  any other material thing

9. Most evil that is supposed to happen, over which many of us are anxious, never occur.

10. If you look at others who are afflicted, you will be thankful.

11. you raise your hands in prayers saying:

"AIlaahumma Rahmataka arju falaa takilnee ila nafsee tarfata ainee, wa aslih lee sha'nee  kullahu, Ia ilaha ilia anta." (0 Allaah, I hope for Your mercy. Do not put me in my own charge for even the blinking of an eye. And make all my affairs better and good. There IS none worthy of worship except You) (Ahmad), then, insha Allaah, Allaah will ease your affairs.

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