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Question: Assalamualaikum Ustadh, Please is POS Business allow in lslamic Business Law? Answered by Sheikh Sa'eed Hamzah (Lagos)   Wa alaykum salaam warahmatullaah wabarakaatuh  The POS transactions...
Finance & Economics dawahnigeria
Google for deen
The need to use Sheik Google with Extreme Caution The place of Knowledge in Islam cannot be overemphasized. Seeking, spreading and most importantly, putting it into sincere usage comes with...
Science & I.T dawahnigeria
As salam alykum
Why You Should Stop Shortening the Tasleem   Abu Naasir Ibrahim Abdur-Rauf (May ALlaah preserve him upon Goodness) Question: Can we shorten the Tasleem. SWW, SLM and WWW? Answer: No, don’t shorten it...
Contemporary Issues & Misconceptions dawahnigeria
behaviour, faith, help, pandemic
Lecture released by: Prof AbdulRazzaq Abdulmajeed Alaro Umrah 2020: What Next?       Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim [Inal-hamda Lillaahi [nahmaduhu wa] nasta’eenahu wa nastaghfiruhu, wa na’oodhu billaahi...
Contemporary Issues & Misconceptions dawahnigeria
Preparation for Ramadan
Written by: Abdulkabeer Ishola   How to Make the Best of Ramadan, even with a “Lockdown” and Corona crisis. The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran; a guidance for mankind, and...
Miscellaneous dawahnigeria
Ramadan, charity, forgiveness,
Imam Ridwan Jamiu. Chief Imam Lekki Central Mosque Lagos   Ramadan 2020: How Prepared Are You?   Year 2020 is an unforgettable experience to all living humans. It features apprehension and panic. It...
Worship and Jurisprudence dawahnigeria
Corona Virus, Habatus Sauda (Black seed),cancer
Is Habatus-Saudaa a cure for CoronaVirusQ&A Telephone conversation with Dr Sharaafudeen Gbadebo Raji (May ALlaah preserve him upon goodness.)Questioner: I want to ask.. just as it has been...
Health and Fitness dawahnigeria
Muslim households’ antidote, Combating the Covid-19
Author: Dr. Imam Kamaldeen Ajijolakewu Senior Lecturer, Department of Microbiology University of Ilorin   (A compilation of our Sheik message to the WhatsApp group of SanRab Madrasah) As-Salaamu’...
Health and Fitness dawahnigeria