She said “Sorry, I am not a Madam”

To Allah belongs perfection, I testify that there is none worthy of worship but Allah and Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and those who follow his footstep till the day of reckoning) is His messenger and Prophet. 

Saturdays in DN is like half-a-day in the 6-day working period of the DN team. To serve you optimally, we are around physically at our office located in Gem building off Arulogun road, Ojoo barracks, Ibadan. Not only because most of us do go to our family for a well-deserved rest but because the office is not opened officially until 9:00 am. 

On one beautiful day sometimes in December, it was about the time we changed hands. We had to recruit new interns to take over from the outgoing interns. Entries do come in tens and hundreds from applicants vying for various positions but in the end, few would be selected.

We try as much as possible to make the interview session more comfortable for the prospective intern. We allow them to display there urge and zeal to learn and co-habit with team members as seamless as possible. 

A sister came on board with a not too impressive CV but with her age and course of study -a perfect fit for the role she applied for, we gave her a trial. She was a graduate of a university in Southwest. A small twist happened before the interview commenced. 

As customarily inferred on sisters in the building -Madam. So we called her, she vehemently rejected it on the spot. Sorry, I am not a Madam she retorted. Apologizingly, it was changed to Mrs. but she refused again citing that she is not married and insisted on being called by her first name. Reluctantly, we agreed. During the cause of the discussion, she made us understand that Madam is reserved for married women in the french culture. Since she is from French descent she adapted the mentality. Well played!

She graduated four years back but what was mind-boggling was that she could not substantiate us with what she has been doing to better her skills. She wanted to intern as a web developer and do not know any syntax in HTML CSS and Javascript. Do you think she should still be accepted?

Are you a multimedia person or techie that wants to further your skill in tech (android or web development)? Send your cv to [email protected]

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