Beautiful Burden

More of a burden

Than a blessing

If care is not taken


Only if you know!

You'll drop the pride

You'll mock not aside

Modesty you'll adopt untold 

You'll flaunt less and hide 


Had you known!

The fitnah your beauty has blown

Whether known or unknown

Only then would you have known

That being beautiful is beyond the admiration


What's with the pride?

The breasts will sag

The cat eyes will bag

The firm skin will fag


But all you want is just to slay

On your curves men can't turn away

Cos they're amazed by how your hips sway

As you walk back and forth the alley

You forget, on that very body maggots will prey


I wish you knew!

Your beauty is a burden

Beware brethren

For it is a beautiful burden


I rest my fingers!


©Waseelah Kabiawu

dawahnigeria admin
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