Choice is individual's conviction

Make the bearer feel strongest and adamant

Many times, it gives no room for logic and rational thought

Difficult to enforce on others

For it brings solace to the bearer

Their Choice, not my choice


Un-monotheistic, their choice

Full of deceitful hope and confusion

Soothsayers, fortunetellers and palmists their companion

Total trust they place on them

To travel they consult them

Before eating they consult them

For all decisions, they seek their counsel

Their Choice, not my choice


They nagged me for not equal in thought

They tagged me different names

But a question I keep asking

What if they are in a community for months?

Devoid of their consultants

How then can they make decisions?

What if their consultant dies!!!

would they choose another consultant ?

Alas!!!  They have no answers.

My choice, not their choice


It is of fear and hope

That of a believer

"Istikhara", my source of seeking God's counsel

Total trust I place on it

For I deal with God

My choice and their choice


My approach is to persuade

Theirs is to compel

I only persuade and never enforce "Istikhara"

But they keep enforcing Soothsaying

Which will never happen, Allah's permission

For any trial I faced

They attribute to being anti-soothsaying

But their fear, my joy.


They scare me of death

As if they own key to death

Believing one must "dira" (devilish) 

To succeed in one's chosen profession

With smile, I respond

My trust in Allah unshaken

For He deals with his friends in calamity and triumph

In calamity, I need patience

In triumph, I give thanks

For what await one after the duo

Is mercy cum guidance.


Prayer I keep rendering for them

Allah alone can guide and lead astray

My choice! My choice! My choice!

For Allah's guidance, my choice for them.



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