Custodian of chastity

Whenever I set my eyes on them,

My mind goes Ma shaa’a Allah,

My face smirks,

My tongue alters Barakallahu feekum,

And I remember the instruction,

Lower your gaze.


No matter the numbers that pass me by,

The feeling is the same irrespective of their names,

I have a crush on them,

Not a feeling of lust,

But that of love,

For the sake of our Lord,


My heart asked me why?

You don't have headache,

Nor heart ache like some do,

I replied with some answers,

Based on my perceptions and assumptions.


Behind the veil, is a Muslimah,

A female who submits,

Behind the veil, is a Mu'minah,

A female who believes,

Behind the veil, is a Qaanitat,

A female who obeys.


Behind that screen, is a Khashi'at,

A woman who is humble,

Behind that screen, is an Hafidhot,

A woman who guides her chastity,

Behind that screen, is a Dhaakirat

A woman who remembers Allah.


Behind the Niqaab,

Is a custodian of chastity,

Behind the Niqaab,

Is an exquisite beauty,

Behind the Niqaab,

Is an embodiment of characters, manners and morals.


©Abu Mus'ab 2017

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