The Evil Eye Is Real

The Evil Eye Is Real

I am writing this out of the understanding

that there is something always worth remembering,

in the journey of life so interesting.

Narrated in a Hadith very memorable,

said by the man created most noble:

The evil eye is real!


Although much doubted by doubting Thomas and sceptics,

as they see it an assumption, superstition, not more than a hypothesis.

Perhaps, they might want to read the words of The Almighty, in His book the great and noble,

Where He asked the noblest man,

“Say, "I seek refuge in the Lord of daybreak…And from the evil of an envier when he envies." (Qur’an 113:1-5)


There are days I sit down in retreat,

just to give meaning to many things fit.

I want to see this as a concept that constricts

the great dreams of many as it is,

Because the evil eye, so real it is,

Shows man that even from another may come to his peril.


The evil eye as impending and looming,

as reeled in the khutbah of the Khateebs,

and lectures and admonitions of Aalims and Nakeebs,

shouldn't be so much feared by Muslims who have a knowledge of it,

because the knowledge given is 

not just about it, but also how to conquer it.


Recite the Surah named "Sincerity",

and the "Ma’ahudhtayn" nothing less than daily.

And perhaps the first and second surah in The Ad-Dhikr,

The Opening and The Cow is what I am telling.

Some other Adhkar’s in the Sahihain

will help to forestall the promised pain

the evil eye as real might bring to play.


The all in all of what I am saying,

is that the remembrance of Allah is more than sufficient

For every place man is inefficient.


Aderoju Noah T.



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