His Mission - Poem

Read! In the name of your lord, 

Signified the commencement of his message. 

When he had no option than to seclude himself

And avoid the alluring mischief.


A cave sheltered him and his thoughts,

His resort center was the reflective haven, 

Just to avoid mischief. 

Unknown to him, he would be the reformer, 

He held the light to himself, 

The lamp to illuminate the world shone from his tender speech.


His daylight was stolen by a shadow, 

Tampered by a thick voice -

An amplified call - that almost deafened his ears, 

His pupils rolled up gently to see the invader, 

The unfamiliar visitor, readying to talk.



'But I don't know how to read', he replied softly. 

Again, 'READ!'

'Can I read if I know not?'


'Read! In the Name of your Lord Who has created.

Has created man from a clot.

Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous.

Who has taught by the pen.

Has taught man that which he knew not.'


'Cover me! Cover me!'

In search of solace, 

Real comfort already known, 

Spread the divine word.


The mission started, 

The message to be spread.

He needed to be eliminated, 

He's trying to 'invent' an unseen God,

We knew him to be trustworthy, 

Surely, we must negotiate.


'If you like, king upon us with commands.

Take our riches into your lungs, 

Marry from us the sexiest maidens, 

Just get a knife to the throat of your mission!'


Hotness of the sun to my right shoulder, 

Coolness of the moon to my left, 

This message be spread!


Arise and strike thy warning!

The mission began.


He was unlettered, yet changed the world, 

Stood the test of time, created a vision, 

Ignored naysayers, continued the mission.


Words don't spread through voiceless hearts, 

Wake then from slumber and 

continue the mission!

For the message will spread like it started, 

With or without a reader of these words.


©Abdulbasit Abdusalam

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