Inside Ahmed Bukhatir’s “Last Breath”

The a cappella nasheed titled Last Breath was produced by the “Emirati Nasheed singer” Ahmed Bukhatir (Wikipedia). This piece is very appealing to the intellect and mind and passes a great message to the listening mind. Unlike other pieces which are devoid of meaning and value, this a cappella talks about a major concept and that’s “death.” Below are the texts and a succeeding analysis of the piece.

From those around, I hear a cry,

O God! O God!

My eyes are blind!


From those around, I hear a cry,

A muffled sob, a hopeless sigh

I hear their footsteps leaving slow,

And then I know my soul must fly.


A chilly wind begins to blow

Within my soul from head to toe.

And then last breath escapes my lips.

It's time to leave, and I must go!


So, it is true but it's too late.

They said each soul has its given date

When it must leave its body's core.

And meet with its eternal fate.


Oh mark the words that I do say.

Who knows? Tomorrow could be your day.

At last, it comes to Heaven or Hell.

Decide which now, do not delay!

Come on my brothers let us pray.

Decide which now, do not delay!


O God! O God! I cannot see!

My eyes are blind! Am I still me?

Or has my soul been led astray?

And forced to pay a priceless fee.

Alas to dust we all return.

Some shall rejoice while others burn.

If only I knew that before,

The line grew short and came my turn!


And now as beneath the sod.

They lay me with my record flawed.

They cry not knowing I cry worse.

For they go home, I face my God!


Oh mark the words that I do say.

Who knows tomorrow could be your day.

At last, it comes to Heaven or Hell.

Decide which now, do not delay!

Come on my brothers let us pray.

Decide which now, do not delay... (End)



The first stanza as in the above texts talks about the fact that the individual portrayed in the poem is dead. It explains further that this dead person was caught unaware and was wondering what was happening to him.


The second stanza goes into explaining the awakening of the individual from his long sleep (death) and his hearing of the sighs of mourns of his sympathizers. (Note that this is poetic and not detailed into what’s actually to occur in the grave or Hereafter. Refer to scholar’s discussion on the events of the grave and the Hereafter.)


The third stanza further states that that dead one has admitted that he must go. No more time for him. What he’d face in the place he faced, he knows not.


In the fourth stanza, he now realizes that death is true. Or he realizes more this fact, and he knows truly now that his time has arrived.


He admonishes people, in the fifth stanza, that tomorrow may just be the exit date. This is, thus, a call to all souls to prepare for death. Also in this stanza, he comes to the crux which is: prayer. Pray now for tomorrow may be the day. Pray now before the Last Day. “Heaven or Hell, which will you choose?” was his message here.


Stanza six, furthermore, calls to the fact that the disobedient and non-praying soul is indeed on the wrong path and has chosen a destructive choice. This also admonishes that some souls will regret on the Day while some others will be thankful for Allah’s mercy on them. Most souls will want to go back, as we’ve been told, but there won’t be the chance. This is a call to work right now. A call to be a Muslim and be dutiful right now before it’d be late.


The lines in stanza seven are intriguing. The dead one whose record was flawed is now exclaiming. It cried out and got embittered for the fact that his sympathizers’ sob is nothing compared to his own wail. How he’ll face his Lord he knows not.


In the last stanza, the poet talked about the fact that our death day may be just anytime; hence, the need to prepare now before the death day.

One must prepare for the Hereafter from now. One must pray and be a dutiful Muslim now. Repentance must not be delayed. Good deeds should be done now.


Bashir Oyetunji

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