Let's Not Forget

As we strive and work

Really hard to succeed in this world

Let’s not forget that the one who is a true successor

Is the one who makes it to Jannah.


That is the true everlasting success

It takes more than the ordinary eye and mind

To see and think beyond this world

Beyond what's right in front of us.

I really do pray Allah makes it easy for us



The world is nothing but Play and Amusement

And every single day this becomes more and more apparent

Remember to take some time and just reflect

PAUSE for a minute and think about the Akhirah

For once, not about the dunya or anything in it

May Allah ease our affairs and rectify our condition



Do not forget to share some halal love

And plant some good deeds today

For tomorrow may never be seen

Especially in this ephemeral world.


(c) Safiyyah Peters

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